Ever After: The Extended Lives and Work of Eleven Famous Writers


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About the Author

Andrew Ramer is a Lambda Literary Award finalist, co-author of the international bestseller Ask Your Angels, and the author of Revelations for a New Millennium, Queering the Text, Torah Told Different, Texting with Angels, and Two Flutes Playing. He lives in Oakland, California, up the street from an amusement park called Fairyland. For more information visit: andrewramer.com


"Andrew Ramer has gifted us with a unique addition to his remarkable body of work. His new book, Ever After, takes the reader on a journey of the imagination that has no parallel. Read this slender book and prepare to be enchanted."

--Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap

"Andrew Ramer celebrates his personal literary saints by imagining them into queerer shapes, or what they would have been like had their lives reflected queerness they didn't express or perhaps understand. He challenges us to think about the relation between writing and life in new ways, and to recognize that whether or not the geniuses who shaped our culture were queer, there is something inherently queer about genius."

--Joy Ladin, author of The Future Is Trying to Tell Us Something

"The transformed lives that Andrew Ramer dreams up for us in Ever After are spookily believable. I trust these wild, ingenious histories and the deep truths they convey: that desire is the life force, that our bodies can be answered prayers, that our souls recognize each other and are meant to touch."

--Joan Larkin, author of My Body

"In Ever After, Andrew Ramer weaves his beautiful prose and fanciful imagination with startling concrete details to convince readers their previous knowledge about the lives of beloved authors was inaccurate. His telling of their stories is instead the accurate one. He allows these authors to live longer, more fulfilling lives. Ever After is a delightful, engaging read."

--Miriam Ruth Black, author of Shayna

"In each of these charming counterfactual biographies, chance extends the life of a famous writer of homophilic inclination. Andrew Ramer taps his many skills--poet, novelist, seer, chronicler of queer culture--to imagine his subjects living openly and enjoying plausible, pleasurable second acts. They write books that we, alas, will never read. But these tales, delightful in their domestic simplicity, are here to remind us that what we long for could be just around the corner."

--Jonathan Lerner, author of Swords in the Hands of Children

"The Russian writer Yevgeny Zamayatin compared each person to a novel: 'Until the very last page, you don't know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth reading.' In Ever After, Andrew Ramer provides a final twist to some of the world's greatest authors. In this collection, told with wit and compassion, Ramer imagines new chapters in these writers' lives--and, in so doing, invites us to consider how we, too, might reimagine ours."

--Andrew Lawler, author of The Secret Token

"What if the past had been a little different? Andrew Ramer is the master of mythologizing the human story. What an imaginative and insightful way to consider how arbitrary, evanescent and changeable our ideas of reality are! What if all those stories about unhappy homosexuals had turned out happily ever after instead? Ever After offers over ten such alternative stories. Seeing how things could have been different gives us hope they still might be different. And that's what brings it about."

--Toby Johnson, author of Gay Perspective

"It seems like Andrew Ramer is doing something delightfully simple here: Imaging other, queer life trajectories for some of our most beloved writers. In reality, he's doing something delightfully subversive as well. He's telling us that other, more just and juicy worlds are possible, and that we can imagine our way into those worlds if we have but a smidgeon of the creativity Ramer brings to these stories."

--Sheri Hostetler, author of So We and Our Children May Live

"Ever After takes readers on a pilgrimage through the imagined late lives of authors they have surly cherished throughout their reading journeys. Indeed, the imagined lives and oeuvres reveal aspects and nuances about the authors' inner lives that enrich us as readers, as long as we bear in mind that just because something didn't happen, doesn't mean it isn't true."

--Rachel Biale, author of Lost and Found

"Queer lives are often thwarted. What might we be if being fully authentic was not denied to us? In Ever After, Andrew Ramer retells the lives of authors whose queerness has been suggested, hinted at, implied, and denied and asks what coulda, shoulda, mighta been. His delightful stories have a healing message: embrace who you are and tomorrow can come true."

--Will Roscoe, author of Queer Spirits

"Unexpected eruption of literary scholarship? Sly exercise in historical revisionism? Visionary ode to the healing power of queer love? You will have fun deciding for yourself what Andrew Ramer is up to with Ever After."

--Don Shewey, author of Daddy Lover God

"Favorite literary figures who were gone too soon are back--with longer, queerer lives imagined by gifted storyteller Andrew Ramer. In Ever After, he opens up new realms of possibility with lifelike, fictional profiles of eleven famous writers. He turns the impossible into delightfully queer reality. Readers who take this journey of queer historical improvisation will feel like found their own happily ever after."

--Kittredge Cherry, author of Art That Dares