Entering the Blobosphere: A Musing on Blobs


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Civil Coping Mechanisms
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Read this book! It is full of wonders. I love the way it takes theory-izers (Haraway, Hugo Ball, Solnit, Adorno, Jung, Arendt...) and playfully inflects them as blobists--which is to say that Laura Hyunjhee Kim shows how great thinking/writing is quite often a wrestling with the ubiquitous presence of the morphing, ubiquitous shape of a blob. Blob names the signals we regularly receive from the world; they come in not directly but as side-perceptions, out of the corner of our sense organs. We are intimates with these proto-beings, these floaters. The figure of "blob" helps us to dote on them, to capture them long enough to feel them more intensely. A Dadaist once attributed much of the force of the 'movement' called dada to the sound of the word Dada. Also very satisfying is to vocalize "Blob"--and to do so in concert with Entering the Blobosphere.

- Jane Bennett, author of Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things

Blobservations are observations that involve the total range of social possibility for floral, faunal, mineral and psychic interaction. I'm swooning over Laura Hyunjhee Kim's intercorporeal, syncretic genius. Here is an emergent philosophical treatise of great magnitude. Here is a provocation inextricably linked to terrestrial experiences in the 21st century while merging all space time conundrums and challenges. Blobs are polysemous thought bubbles that integrate ethics, affects and ecology. An insurgency on legacy thinking, Kim's cognitive maneuvers signal a paradigm shift of vast magnitude. Consciousness becomes exponentially nuanced and responsive under the tutelage of blobs. Henceforth, engulfed by blobs, sentience will thrive.
- Brenda Iijima, Author of Remembering Animals