Dirty Laundry: Not everything is what it seems.


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$14.99  $13.94
5310 Publishing
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6.0 X 9.0 X 0.55 inches | 0.79 pounds

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About the Author

Cori Nevruz is not just an accomplished author but a dynamic individual whose life is a symphony of family, literature, and a quirky sense of humor. With her husband, three sons, and two dogs as the heart of her bustling world, Cori has seamlessly blended the roles of a loving parent, prolific author, and avid creator.As an author, Cori has carved her niche in the literary world with a passion for suspense and thriller novels aimed at adult audiences. Her books, filled with gripping plots and compelling characters, have captivated readers seeking thrilling escapes into the unknown.In addition to her success in the world of adult fiction, Cori is also the mastermind behind 11 captivating children's books. As both an author and publisher, she weaves enchanting tales that ignite the imagination of young readers, fostering a love for literature from an early age.Beyond the realms of writing, Cori is a voracious reader, perpetually diving into the pages of diverse genres. Her love for literature extends beyond her own creations, allowing her to appreciate and celebrate the works of fellow writers.Cori's dedication to making a positive impact extends into her community involvement. A frequent volunteer, she generously contributes her time and energy to causes close to her heart, embodying the spirit of giving back.As a sports enthusiast, Cori channels her passion for competition into being an avid fan, cheering on her favorite teams (Roland Grise, Hoggard, NC State, Packers, and Bucks!) with unwavering support. Her love for the game transcends the boundaries of the written word, finding joy in the thrill of athletic pursuits.Adding a touch of humor to her multifaceted personality, Cori is an unapologetic potty humor enthusiast. With a contagious laugh that echoes the joy in life's lighter moments, she finds delight in the humor that brings people together.On top of her literary accomplishments, Cori channels her creativity into designing lined paperback journals. These journals are not just functional but works of art, featuring aesthetically pleasing covers that reflect Cori's keen eye for design.In the grand tapestry of her life, Cori Nevruz continues to craft stories, nurture a love for literature, embrace her roles as a parent, and infuse every moment with laughter. Her journey, marked by creativity, compassion, and an undeniable zest for life, is a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines Cori Nevruz.