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About the Author

Lisa Wheeler is the award-winning author of the Dino-Sports and Dino-Holidays books. When she isn't running around the country visiting schools, standing at podiums, and eating airport snacks, she resides in Michigan.
Barry Gott lives in Ohio and has illustrated many children's books, including all of the Dino-Sports and Dino-Holidays books.


"Perhaps easily dismissed at first glance, the prolific Wheeler's dino-sports books (hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, and football already included) offer charming fun and genuine sports action for young audiences. Instead of generic fights, Wheeler offers, in rhyme, six matches featuring various wresting styles: folk style, lucha libre, Greco-Roman, sumo, freestyle, and pro tag team. She offers salient facts about each style and the culture that developed it and identifies each of the dino-combatants by their scientific names, all while wrapping the education in clever humor (the T. rex's tiny arms, for instance, leave him outmatched in Greco-Roman wrestling, in which the use of legs is barred). Gott's cuddly style does not stop him from producing anatomically identifiable dinosaurs, allowing young experts to root for their favorites, and he tops it off by including accurate wrestling moves for each of the matches, from the tight grappling of folk style to the wild brawling of pro tag team. Many a little reader will do a victory dance in the stacks for this combination of dinosaurs and hand-to-hand combat." --Booklist Online


"Wheeler, that rhyming dino-sports enthusiast, is back, this time with a survey of wrestling styles.

Leaving no mat unexplored, this encompasses everything from folkstyle wrestling to Greco-Roman and sumo and everything in between. Combining spot-on rhythms and rhymes with a narrative style that is akin to a sports announcer, the verses fly by as the dinosaurs gather to watch and participate in the Dino-Wrestling Jamboree. Each style of wrestling gets its own match, with the text often telling a bit about the style, its rules and/or its equipment. During the lucha libre event, the verse even includes a few Spanish vocabulary words, though, as with other wrestling terms, they are not defined in context: 'The crowd goes loco--shouts and boos. / Ouch! That hit will leave a bruise.' Every detail is in Gott's brightly colored cartoon illustrations--from the different uniforms the participants wear down to the little guy who holds the sign up with the dinosaurs' species (handy, since Wheeler often shortens them) and wrestling style. They teem with action and testosterone. The text ends on a disturbing note, however--the WWD pro tag-team event turns into a riot, with the participants and fans brawling enough to bring down the tents.

Young wrestlers will find all the action and moves they are seeking within these pages, and the dinosaurs and rhymes are an added, entertaining bonus." --Kirkus Reviews


"Wheeler and Gott continue to pit dino against dino in athletic competitions; having already covered football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey, they explore different forms of wrestling in this addition to their series. In the first bout, a singlet-wearing ankylosaurus takes down an allosaurus; lucha libre, Greco-Roman, and sumo wrestling follow, among other styles, and the ultra-rowdy final pages celebrate 'the superstars of the WWD' ('As officials call for quiet, / fans joins in. Now it's a riot!'). As usual, Gott offers dynamic, vivid interpretations of each showdown, and the last page teases the next book in the series (think Tony Hawk)." --Publishers Weekly


"At the Dino-Wrestling Jamboree, the participants use six different styles to compete in the events: Allosaurus vs. Ankylosaurus in folkstyle; Tarbosaurus vs. Iguanodon in lucha libre; Stegosaurus and T. rex in Greco-Roman; Giganotosaurus vs. Triceratops in the sumo tradition; and freestyle and tag team. Many of the styles are probably unfamiliar to children, but not for long. The illustrations do a great job of depicting wrestling moves, the action in general, and spot-on facial expressions. As each event progresses, the naughty but amusing Pterodactyl Twins inevitably show up: 'But this is not the Twins' event./Security throws them out the tent!' When the Twins' turn finally arrives, it's the pro tag team event, and they are 'Ready to Rumble.' In an homage to the WWF of the 1980s, it ends in a free-for-all that causes the tent to fall down. The rhyming text is fun to read with the dinosaurs' names in bold font in either red or green depending on their dining preference (carnivore = red, herbivore = green). Their wrestling gear is in the same hues. This action-packed, informational book will be snapped up by lovers of Wheeler and Gott's previous dino-sports titles, and by newcomers." --School Library Journal