Coming Out, Coming in: Nurturing the Well-Being and Inclusion of Gay Youth in Mainstream Society

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About the Author
Linda Goldman is a licensed counsellor and has a Fellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying, and Bereavement with an MS degree in counselling and Master's Equivalency in early childhood education. Linda worked as a teacher and counsellor in the school system for 20 years. She has written many articles on counselling and taught and lectured at various universities, most recently in the Graduate Program of Counselling at Johns Hopkins University. Linda has a private grief therapy practice in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where she now lives.

"Few people are as gifted as Linda Goldman. [She] stands for healthy spirituality, which is woven throughout the book, especially sensitive because [she] is also a mother, a mother of several children, including a gay child. She knows the pain, confusion, struggle, love, joy, playfulness, and hope.

[This] book is packed. It is not particularly about agreeing or disagreeing, though it will hopefully turn a few heads and hearts, but get you to shift from understanding/judgment to ownership of our responsibility to ALL children, ALL issues, and ALL life circumstances.

From the introduction to the enormous resource section, this book will bless professionals, parents, other adults and, teens. The photography, all done by a high school student, is overwhelming. You cannot get beyond the cover photo of a young woman and not come to realize the presence of human sexuality at all ages, at what should be a beautiful AND NORMAL experience for all children.

There is so much more available to you in this book. It is must reading wherever you find yourself on this subject. Linda Goldman blends brilliance with empathy, bringing together complex facts and issues into a user-friendly resource that deserves our attention and action."- Richard Gilbert, Ph.D., The World Pastoral Care Center/Bridge Builders, Mercy College

"We all should be greatful for this book, even if it is not an issue in your life and journey, as we have an opportunity to hear the wise counsel, data, stories, and passion that Linda brings to a sensitive subject so imemrsed in ignorance, bias, fear, and judgment.....It is a must read wherever you find yourself on this subject....Linda Goldman blends brilliance with empathy, bringing together complex facts and issues into a user-friendly resources that deserve our attention and action." - Reverend Richard B. Gilbert, Ph.D., CT, The World Pastoral Care Center/Bridge Builders, Mercy College in Healing Ministry, Volume 15, Number 1, Winter 2008

"This book is definitely groundbreaking and should be used as a reference by schools, families, counselors and anyone who works with youth to help LGBT kids come out and other kids and adults to be more understanding, sensitive and understanding of differences in sexual orientation." -, spring/summer 2008

"This book is a useful tool and an interesting read for anyone. Addressing issues faced by LGBT people and their families, it suggests simple yet effective ways of tackling inequalities. It deals with tough issues sensitively and includes case studies offereing an objective insight into the effects of homophobia, thus provoking an interesting dialougue with the reader." -Tim Eastwood in Children & Young People Now

"Though it seems that we have made progress in understanding homosexuality and attempting to create space so that sexual minority youth may feel more accepted, Goldman's book makes it clear that there is much more to be done. She seeks to dispel a number of myths and inaccurate information about LGBT lifestyles, and replaces them with both statistics and life stories to help the reader understand the true experience of these youth. In addition, she provides concrete strategies for creating safe and accepting environments in which LGBT youth may not only survive coming out, but also may thrive in their unique identity. Coming Out, Coming In provides an excellent introduction and overview of the challenges faced by today's LGBT youth for those who are unfamiliar with the terrain...Goldman's message is clear. We must all work together to establish structures that enhance understanding, particularly through creating safe places for all LGBT youth to come in to an accepting environment when they are ready to come out." - Doris LaPlante and Nicole O'Brien in Contemporary Family Therapy

"Coming Out, Coming In: Nurturing the Well-Being and Inclusion of Gay Youth in Mainstream Society provides the necessary knowledge and strategies for making the lives of queer youth happier and more fulfilled, along with guidelines that we, queer and straight members of society, can and must do to protect and nurture these most vulnerable young men and women. In clear language, [Goldman] tackles the myths of homosexuality, the obstacles and support for queer youth, parenting, relationships and all the many and varied issues that confront queer boys and girls, giving us a firsthand account of the joys and sorrows met with on the road to self-acceptance...Goldman never preaches, instead letting us hear the actual voices of the young men and women who deal not only with sexuality but also with race, body image, religion, gender stereotypes, economic and ethnic background...the themes are universal and there is information here for teens, parents, educators, family, friends, and therapists. Coming Out, Coming In is essential reading for everyone who cares about queer youth and about our future as a society." - Wayves Online

"This book is critically important... In Coming Out, Coming In, Linda Goldman provides us with a comprehensive primer for psychologists, clinicians, educators, and families to help us dispel myths, combat misinformation, and teach us how to provide the care, respect, and unconditional love that all youth deserve, regardless of differences." - From the Foreword, Jody M. Huckaby, Executive Director, PFLAG National

"Adolescence is one of the most vulnerable times in human development. This is especially the case for gay youth....Linda Goldman's book is a timely and much needed resource for professionals, parents and young people. Linda's work is imbued with optimism and a deep conviction that equal respect and rights for all youth is the only acceptable path to follow." - Ursula Ferro, former Lower School Director, Green Acres School, Rockville, USA; former Interim Director, Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School, Martha's Vineyard, USA

"This book was a labor of love for Linda and a gift to our communities - all of our communities. If you take the time to read her words, your voice will be changed, your world view may be changed, your heart will be opened to the kind love and respect she delivers for ALL of our children growing up in this world." - Joan Etherton Cochran, Executive Director, The Center for Grief and Loss for Children, Los Angeles, USA

"Society is still far too cruel to homosexuals, and those who are coming to terms with their own sexuality have the toughest road. [This book] is a guide for conflicted youths who are struggling with the fact, and for families that have experienced a loved one's coming out. Linda goldman draws from her experience as a person and a ounselor to provide much advice to both sides during this tough time, and 'Coming Out, Coming In' is highly recommended." - Susan Bethany, Reviewer's Bookwatch: June 2009