Civic Unrest: Investigate the Struggle for Social Change


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Nomad Press (VT)
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8.1 X 10.0 X 0.5 inches | 1.0 pounds

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About the Author

Marcia Amidon Lusted has written over 80 books for young readers, many on historical subjects. As an assistant editor for Cobblestone Publishing and its award-winning history magazines, she has written widely on many different historical eras including, The Roaring Twenties: Discover the Era of Prohibition, Flappers, and Jazz for Nomad Press. Marcia lives in Hancock, New Hampshire.

Lena H. Chandhok earned her degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2011. Her work has been featured in Slate Magazine and in various anthologies. Lena currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Praise for Civic Unrest: Investigate The Struggle For Social Change
Few topics are timelier, more divisive, and more difficult to fully understand than civic unrest. Lusted uses Rosa Parks as the archetype for defining civil unrest in the opening chapter. . . The "Vocab Lab" is a major strength of the book, providing not only a glossary of unfamiliar terms but also activities designed to put those new terms into use. . . The "Inquire and Investigate" section encourages readers to put many of the theories and concepts explained in earlier chapters into practice. This is a complete and thorough resource dealing with basic civic principles for the middle-level social- studies classroom.

Michael Yell, National Board Certified middle school social studies teacher
"With its lively writing, investigations, role playing, and QR codes, Civic Unrest will have students immersing themselves in an exploration of ideas, events, and questions. This is social studies."

Jillian Engstrom, High school history teacher
"Civic Unrest is a valuable tool for educators striving to support socially conscious students. Its well-rounded perspective covers many of history's most important civil movements from all over the world, including current events. Civic Unrest is meeting the need for texts that create authentic learning about topics that really matter, in the classroom."

Corey Joyce, 8th grade teacher
"Civic Unrest: Investigate the Struggle for Social Change is an excellent overview of the historical and contemporary issues surrounding citizen driven advocacy for change throughout the world."

Shea Territo,13 years old, Parents of the Revolution
"As a child who is experienced on the subject of civic disobedience, I feel Civic Unrest is a great way for other kids to learn how to fight for their rights. It also has given me a fresh reminder of what has happened in the past, and what is happening in our world today."

Rob & Myra Territo, Parents of the Revolution, Parents for Occupy Wall Street
"As parents who have organized and protested with their children, we find Civic Unrest to be a great supplement for other families looking to teach their children about human rights in America."

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