Chain Gang All Stars


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Pantheon Books
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About the Author

NANA KWAME ADJEI-BRENYAH is the New York Times-bestselling author of Friday Black. His work has appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Esquire, The Paris Review, and elsewhere. He was a National Book Foundation's "5 Under 35" honoree, the winner of the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award and the Saroyan Prize, and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle's John Leonard Award for Best First Book, along with many other honors. Raised in Spring Valley, New York, he now lives in the Bronx.


NAMED A MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK BY: New York Times, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Goodreads, Elle, Oprah Daily, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, The Root, Essence, Salon, Seattle Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Huffington Post, WBUR's "Here and Now", The Week, Men's Health, YahooLife, Sunset Magazine, Lit Hub, Book Riot,, CrimeReads, The Everygirl, The Millions, Lit-Reactor, Our Culture, Republican American, Women's Wear Daily, Daily Press, Columbia Daily Tribune, The Independent, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus

*May Selection for The Today Show's Read With Jenna Book Club*
*Roxane Gay's May Selection for the Audacious Book Club*
*A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice*

"This book will change you!...A masterpiece."
--Jenna Bush Hager, The Today Show's #ReadWithJenna

"An act of a voice that belongs only to Adjei-Brenyah, who bends the lurid into the lyrical--pretty words about hideous deeds. Some of his best fight sentences sound as if Joe Rogan had fallen into a trance and assumed the diction and rhythms of Toni Morrison. If you recoil at that unholy fusion, that's kind of the point; and the author keeps pulling off this shock, page after page...There's more than a little George Saunders in these high jinks...The novel is a thorough display of authorial control...As the plot careers forward, Adjei-Brenyah uses footnotes as tethers between fiction and reality, reminding us that his gladiatorial farce is just a little tragicomic leap from an extant American horror...The society in which [these characters] live defines them by their worst deeds, but the writer of this novel refuses to."
--New York Times Book Review

"Like Orwell's 1984 and Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Adjei-Brenyah's book presents a dystopian vision so upsetting and illuminating that it should permanently shift our understanding of who we are and what we're capable of doing...So raw and tragic and primal is Chain-Gang All-Stars that despite its futuristic elements, it has the patina of some timeworn epic...Shockingly intimate and moving."
--Washington Post

"So shocking and moving that it might just wake us up."
--Ron Charles, CBS' Sunday Morning

"Gladiator meets Mad Max at the penal colony in the brutal, world-building latest from Adjei-Brenyah"
--Entertainment Weekly

"Chain-Gang All-Stars surpasses all expectations...Adjei-Brenyah's acerbic vision lands like a lightning bolt of truth."

"Vividly imaginative and startling in its clarity of intent...A sort of The Hunger Games meets Gladiator meets WWE meets the modern private prison system."

"Chain-Gang All-Stars is an extension of everything Adjei-Brenyah does so well: juggle love with death, satire with pain, the impossible with the possible...In ballad-like chapters, which move with the speed and emotional care of anime fight scenes, Adjei-Brenyah weaves a world of sci-fi torture and bloody profit, but a world not totally scrubbed of hope. In doing so, he doesn't reinvent the genre novel so much as make it his own. The new maestro of dystopian lit has arrived."

"A complex, brutal, beautiful, panoramic takedown of the prison-industrial complex... At once original, its own fresh creation, and clearly part of a lineage of American literature that links the opening 'Battle Royal' chapter in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man to Native Son by Richard Wright, Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver and Soledad Brother by George Jackson...Adjei-Brenyah's distinguished novel updates this tradition to encompass our dizzying, barbaric, performative and capitalistic digital age."
--Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"[A] ferocious debut novel...[An] indicting commentary on a nation unmoored from its morality...Adjei-Brenyah does not flinch. Neither does he miss his targets, because he has the stiff winds of history at his back...With Chain-Gang All-Stars he lets us think we're reading a satire, but soon reveals a mirror of our dystopian days that lie not too far away."
--Boston Globe

"A clear-eyed critique of our country's prison system, along with the profit and racism inherent in them."

"A visceral, heart-wrenching read that treats systemic issues with delightfully speculative skepticism and broken people with compassion and dignity."

"One of the most exciting young writers in America. His work is urgent, engaging, wildly entertaining, formally bold, and politically electrifying. Read one page, any page, and you'll see what I mean."
--George Saunders, author of Liberation Day

"A cross between Gladiator and The Hunger Games...[An] acclaimed master of our futuristic nightmares...a keen observer of racial and socioeconomic disparities that result in a high number of Black people incarcerated. While this is set in the future, it feels uncomfortably close to the present."
--Oprah Daily

"A brutal, heart-wrenching story that feels so close to reality...A tale of survival and resistance in an unfair prison system...about a group of prisoners who decide to fight to the death for the one thing they want most: freedom."

"Epic...Intoxicating...It is a testament to Adjei-Brenyah's idiosyncratic talents as a satirist that this premise...feels disquietingly plausible by the novel's end."
--The Atlantic

"[Adjei-Brenyah] belongs on anyone's shortlist of great new American writers."
--Chicago Tribune

"Remarkable, cinematic."
--Joumana Khatib, "The Book Review" podcast from New York Times

"Given how incredible his debut collection was and is, it is no surprise to me that Adjei-Brenyah's debut novel is this extraordinary! Told with bold, muscular prose, this book is filled with surprising tenderness. Some of the best and most beautiful descriptions of action and violence I have ever read, which is not to say the book celebrates violence so much as it uses violence to explore American incarceration by imagining it as spectacle. As big as it is dazzling. Just wild how good and original this book is. A revelation!"
--Tommy Orange, author of There, There

"As vital as it is brutal. Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah illuminates darkness with the electricity of his prose. The massive weight of the subject is matched by the sheer scope of Adjei-Brenyah's imagination. A startling, important novel that will inspire and inform many conversations."
--Charles Yu, author of Interior Chinatown

"A defiant, awe-inspiring novel that will be read, studied, and celebrated for generations, Chain-Gang All-Stars leads with love. Adjei-Brenyah writes with stunning compassion and moral clarity as he interrogates every facet of our carceral world and the American spectacle of violence, never losing sight of the human cost of systemic injustice. Readers will be forever changed by this book."
--Jessamine Chan, author of The School for Good Mothers

"Chain-Gang All-Stars makes explicit how the spirit erodes as the body becomes currency. Adjei-Brenyah writes sharply about the economy of spectacle and the fickle alchemy between futility and hope."
--Raven Leilani, author of Luster

"In a narrative world where the real is growingly more unbelievable than the make believe, Chain-Gang All-Stars is an uncanny, singular feat of literature. I've never read satire so bruising, so brolic, so tender and really, so pitch-perfect. It's nuts brilliant. Just read it!"
--Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy: An American Memoir

"Adjei-Brenyah may have the buzziest book of the year...A ferocious attack on America's for-profit prison systems."
--Goodreads' Most Anticipated Books of 2023

"Masterful...Chain-Gang All-Stars' depiction of a racist, hyper-capitalist carceral state is an undeniable echo of our world, but it's not the only one. At the heart of this book is the capacity of incarcerated people to resist and rewrite the rules of their imprisonment."
--Electric Literature

"A satirical and searing novel that never loses touch of its characters' beating hearts."
--Lincoln Michel, BOMB

"One of our generation's most exciting writers."
--Chicago Review of Books

"[A] blazing debut novel...A damning indictment of mass incarceration, systemic racism, and the grotesqueries of unfettered American capitalism, Chain-Gang All-Stars is also a breathless dystopian thriller."
--Lit Hub

"Adjei-Brenyah's debut novel is equal parts Squid Game and Riot Baby, but also brought to mind Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man...Adjei-Brenyah writes characters that are both larger than life and intimately human...It is funny, it is brutal, and it is an extremely necessary text."

"With Chain-Gang All-Stars, Adjei-Brenyah has taken his fiction to a whole new level."
--WPR's "Beta

"A transformative, clear-eyed critique. Chain-Gang All-Stars is a feat of world-building and Juvenalian satire that is also an indictment...Kinetic, ambitious...Deeply moral and informed but not preachy. Its correspondences with the US [carceral] system always serve the story and relentlessly heighten its stakes. [Adjei-Brenyah] distills and dramatizes the genius of the abolition community and its decades of work into a new kind of allegorical fiction--one with a whole movement behind it."

"It is brilliant, it is brutal. This book is going to win so many awards!"
--Liberty Hardy, WBEZ's "Nerdette"

"With his sharp eye for satire and reverence for humanity, Adjei-Brenyah's latest explores the exploitation, violence, and false promises of the prison industrial complex, capitalism, and the country itself."
--The Millions

"A brutal, futuristic view of a gladiatorial privatization of our current prison system. [Adjei-Brenyah] does an incredible job of creating stories that take you beyond the edge of your tolerance, urging you to see the parallel social commentary beneath. I always have to take a moment to catch my breath when I set his work down and this full-length work is leaving me gulping for air and truth."
--Carrie Koepke from Skylark Books, Columbia Daily Tribune

"Chain-Gang All-Stars should pique your interest if titles like Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and Atwood's Handmaid's Tale are more your vibe."
--The Week

"At once a kaleidoscopic, imaginative examination of America's unjust prison system, and a fantasy-tinged spectacle, Chain-Gang All-Stars is likely to excite and provoke in equal measure."
--Our Culture

"A searing debut with an unforgettable voice, Chain-Gang All-Stars will force you to reevaluate what freedom in America really means."

"A brilliant and cutting send-off of reality television, football, and mass incarceration."

"Breathtaking and pulse-pounding...Adjei-Brenyah delivers insightful critiques of the prison-industrial complex, capitalism, and the ways in which Hollywood and celebrity culture exploit Black talent. Both the political allegory and the edge-of-your-seat action work beautifully. Readers will be wowed."
--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"An acerbic, poignant, and, at times, alarmingly pertinent dystopian novel...In his debut short story collection, Friday Black, Adjei-Brenyah displayed a prodigious flair for deadpan satiric narratives set in alternate realities that often seem uncomfortably close to our own, especially regarding race and class divisions. With his first novel, he proves he can sustain his outrage, imagination, wit, and compassion for a deeper dive into the darker reaches of the American soul...Adjei-Brenyah displays his impressive range of tone and voice...It is an up-to-the-minute j'accuse that speaks to the eternal question of what it truly means to be free. And human. Imagine The Hunger Games refashioned into a rowdy, profane, and indignant blues shout at full blast."
--Kirkus, starred review

"Searingly entertaining."
--Publishers Weekly, "An Interview with the Year 2023"