Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North

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Princeton University Press
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About the Author
Mark C. Serreze is director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, professor of geography, and a fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the coauthor of The Arctic Climate System. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.
"[A] fascinating book about how researchers came to understand Arctic warming and its causes. . . . As he documents this process, Serreze doesn't shy away from the failures of the Arctic research community, including his own. Particularly interesting are the mea culpas from Serreze and fellow scientists who chased scientific red herrings or, deafened by the din of natural climate variability, misread the data. The Arctic, Serreze writes, 'tells no lies.' But its truth can be hard to discern."---Ashley Shelby, New York Times Book Review
"[Serreze] has also written a farewell to ice. In Brave New Arctic, he relates that when he first started out in polar research, in the early eighties, he was taken with the idea of global cooling. 'Deep down I was hoping for an ice age, ' he confesses. . . . Years passed, the ice continued to melt, and Serreze came to favor fire. 'The weight of evidence turned me, ' he observes. 'And then I turned hard.' He gives the perennial sea ice until 2030 or so. 'That the Arctic Ocean will become free of sea ice in late summer and early autumn is a given, ' he writes."---Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker
"[Brave New Arctic] delves into the recent history of Arctic research, following a trail of scientific breadcrumbs from the late 1970s to the present day to show how our understanding of the region's response to climate and climate change has evolved over time. . . . Serreze succeeds on one important front: humanizing Arctic science. He tells anecdotes about his research and the people he's worked with. He portrays scientists whose work he discusses as regular people."-- "Science"
"Without the strong research on the Arctic led by people like Serreze, we would be flying blind into what could be a very dangerous future."---Tim Flannery, New York Review of Books
"[Serreze] shares the story of how he entered the field of climate science by accident; why, at first, he thought the climate might be getting colder rather than warmer, based on measurements from complicated Arctic weather systems; how, year after year, he became further convinced about the reality of global warming due to slowly accumulating data; and why he began to participate avidly in a scientific consensus combating climate-change deniers, most of whom have been politically motivated. Ultimately, what Serreze produces is a kind of detective story; the major crime is the human causation of global warming. . . . An alarming, evidence-based book by a scientist who is not by nature an alarmist."-- "Kirkus"
"[Brave New Arctic] sounds a clarion call about the global consequences of a melting north. . . . At times the book has the feeling of a suspenseful detective novel, with dedicate scientist protagonists trying to beat the clock against impending environmental disaster, all the while battling self-interested political and corporate actors who lust after 'resources' that can more easily be extracted from an ice-free zone and who threaten important research work with lawsuits and funding cuts. At other times, there is a melancholy tone as the author elegizes with past observations of a frozen landscape that will never be the same again."-- "Foreword Reviews"
"Serreze provides an arresting account of the history of climate science, written by someone who saw it all unfold before his own eyes. If you thought you had heard it all, think again, and read this book."-- "The Inquisitive Biologist"
"What Serreze offers is a scientific detective story that shows how researchers found their way to the inevitable conclusion that the Arctic humanity has known for many centuries is gone forever, and that a new Arctic is taking its place. . . . We are living in the Anthropocene, and as Serreze shows with this brief bet detailed book, today's Arctic is proof."---David James, Anchorage Daily News
"Serreze does a great job of explaining the science, from complex to the most basic concepts."---Kate Gardner, Physics World
"What made reading Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North a particularly fascinating experience was the perspective of recent discovery as seen through the eyes of a science insider."---Adrian Luckman, Holocene
"Serreze's book is a real alarm call regarding the global consequences of a melting north."---Graham Denyer, Weather
"Any naturalist interested in climate change should be especially interested in this book, which details climate change in the region being most impacted."---William D. Halliday, The Canadian Field-Naturalist