Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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University Press of Kentucky
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6.26 X 9.26 X 0.8 inches | 1.26 pounds

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About the Author
Edward Steers Jr. is the author of numerous books including Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Legends: Myths, Hoaxes, and Confabulations Associated with Our Greatest President, and The Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia. He lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

"Awarded an honorable mention for the 2002 Seaborg Civil War Prize competition." --

"Few attempts at telling a comprehensive story of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln succeed so well in that comprehensiveness as Blood on the Moon." -- Allan C. Guelzo

"An essential part of a Lincoln library. Besides being the definitive work on the depressing events of April 1865, it is a unique source for refuting the misinformation, myths and lies that have grown up around them." -- America's Civil War

"What Steers has done is go back to trial testimony and eyewitness memoirs, not only to reconstruct events but to lay motives bare." -- Baltimore Sun

"Immediately takes its place as the standard by which all other books dealing with Lincoln's assassination will be judged: it is must reading for anyone interested in the Civil War or American history." -- Blue & Gray Magazine

"Fascinating.... The best account we have of the fateful event that did so much to change the course of American history." -- Bowling Green Daily News

"Offers a highly useful narrative of the Lincoln murder conspiracy, complete with provocative opinions and extensive documentation." -- Civil War Book Review

"Ought to find a place on most scholar' shelves." -- Columbia (SC) State

"An exceptionally well-written and thorough book on the assassination. For anyone who is sincerely interested in the assassination, this book is a 'must read.'" -- Historian

"If you are going to read only one book on the Lincoln assassination, this is the one!" -- James M. McPherson, author of Battle Cry of Freedom

"Respected Lincoln scholar Dr. Edward Steers has here brought his research talents to bear on the assassination. It is refreshing to read that John Wilkes Booth was not a madman and that Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was not an innocent country physician as depicted in current Mudd family propaganda." -- James O. Hall

"Engagingly written, lively in style, and balanced in analysis, this book will take its place upon the short list of the finest studies of the Lincoln assassination." -- Journal of Illinois History

"Presents a tale that needs to be told: the real story behind the assassination of the 16th president." -- Kentucky Monthly

"The quality of research and the skillful presentation of the story of Lincoln's assassination will lead you well beyond the superficial facts that we've all been taught and into the depths of the conspiracy and the aftermath of John Wilkes Booth's world-shattering deed at Ford's Theater." -- Lexington Herald-Leader

"This should be the end-all of Lincoln assassination books." -- Louisville Courier-Journal

"What separates Blood on the Moon... is the depth and breadth of Steers' research." -- Morgantown Messenger

"Steers has written a careful synthesis of what is known about Lincoln's murder." -- New York Review of Books

"Reveals the extensive organization element of the Confederate secret service in southern Maryland, and its involvement with Booth from the earliest stages of the plot right up to his death." -- North & South

"Punctures the myths and misrepresentations that have so long been part of the history." -- Political Bandwagon

"Steers has a sharp ear for historical discordance and a novelist's eye for illuminating detail..... Provocative reading." -- Publishers Weekly

"Colorful, well written, and marches along smartly, despite all the twists of the trail leading to and from Ford's Theatre." -- Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

"Steers has written a detailed, scholarly account based on original sources as well as newly discovered evidence concerning the assassination." -- Virginia Quarterly Review

"A worthy book." -- Washington Post Book World

"Steers has studied the Lincoln assassination intensively and had accumulated a formidable database." -- Washington Times

"Puts many of the myths and misconceptions to rest." -- WTBF Radio

"An excellent overall view of the deed [Lincoln's assassination]." -- Choice

"Immerse yourself in this required book for anyone interested in Lincoln, presidential assassinations or the American Civil War." -- Cmdr. Youssef Abou-Enein, The Waterline

"Anyone interested in the fateful events of April 14, 1865, and the possible role in the conspiracy involving members of the Confederate government which has not been given the exposure it deserves, must read this book." -- Back Channels

"Ought to find a place on most scholars' shelves." -- Columbia (SC) State

"The most complete summary to date of the facts surrounding Lincoln's demise." -- Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

"Steers manages to make an often-told tale come alive and seem fresh in the re-telling.... There is a very small shelf of books that are absolutely essential to the understanding of Lincoln's murder and this is one of them." -- H-Net Reviews

"Presents a tale that needs to be told -- the real story behind the assassination of the 16th president." -- Kentucky Monthly

"A book that will entertain and educate readers interested in this integral part of American history." -- Louisville Voice-Tribune

"In his readable, exceedingly well-researched account of the assassination, Edward Steers shreds the myths that have encrusted the story of Booth's plot and that reveal more about what some Americans want to believe that what actually happened." -- Maryland Historical Magazine

"A carefully documented account of the conspiracy and those who took part in it." -- The Lancet

"May become the definitive volume detailing the events surrounding the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln." -- Union County (KY) Advocate

"Steers has become the pre-eminent researcher on the [Lincoln] assassination." -- Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Assocation

"What separates Blood on the Moon... is the depth and breadth of Steers' research." -- Morgantown Messenger

"With research and deductive reasoning that is persuasive, Steers proves that Mrs. Surratt's tavern in Maryland and boarding house in D.C. were both safe houses for Confederate agents." -- Easton (MD) Star-Democrat

"This is the book to which all Lincoln and Civil War aficionados -- indeed, all Americans interested in their history -- should turn for a lucid and up-to-date explanation of the assassination." -- William Hanchett