Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times

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About the Author

Mark Leibovich is a recipient of the National Magazine Award for profile writing. He is the author of four books, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Thank You for Your Servitude and This Town. He recently joined The Atlantic, after a ten-year stint as chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine. Before arriving at the magazine in 2012, Leibovich covered national politics in the Times' Washington Bureau. He previously worked at The Washington Post and the San Jose Mercury News. He lives with his family in Washington, D.C.


"A gossipy, insightful and wickedly entertaining journey through the N.F.L. sausage factory . . . a sparkling narrative." --The New York Times

"Juicy and mean in the way all books about the NFL ought to be, but few are." --Drew Magary, Deadspin

"A raucous, smash-mouth, first-person takedown of the National Football League, it is also the story of an aging fanboy whose reportorial eye and ear are far too acute to ignore what's wrong with the game and the team he loves. . . . Mr. Leibovich understands that humor--bruising, black-and-blue humor--is the best way to attack the self-seriousness and grandiosity of the NFL. It works as well for him as it did for his comically insurgent predecessors--Dan Jenkins in 'Semi-Tough' and Peter Gent in 'North Dallas Forty'--making Big Game an instant classic in the pigskin oeuvre." --Wall Street Journal

'"Hilarious, energetically reported and endlessly entertaining. . . Leibovich emerges as the pro game's Mencken, tossing out one-liners as barbed as the spiked costumes of the Raiders' faithful." --San Francisco Chronicle

"This book needs to be remembered as the greatest accounting of the NFL owners I have ever read." --Mike Pesca, Slate

"As someone who's covered the league for three decades and knows how difficult it is to get behind the curtain, I can tell you Big Game is genuine and important--and a great read." --Peter King

"A funny, insightful and fascinating perspective of the league." --USA Today

"Highly entertaining . . . If anything, you'll want to read until Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones invites Leibovich over for a few--well, more than a few--drinks." --Mother Jones, Best Nonfiction Books of 2018

"The high point of any monster movie, whether you're talking 'King Kong' or 'Jurassic Park, ' comes at the moment when you finally get a full view of the giant beast. You've caught a glimpse or two, heard a roar in the distance, but when you finally see the monster's full immensity, it's a sight to behold ... and you wonder how in the hell your little heroes are going to survive its fury. Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times, an exceptional new behind-the-scenes book by Mark Leibovich, is a monster movie disguised as investigative journalism. Running from 2014 right on up to this year, Leibovich's narrative presents the NFL's owners and commissioner in all their bumbling, well-meaning, self-serving, self-satisfied glory ... and shows in high definition how unprepared they were for the monster that stomped in to demolish everything they hold dear." --Yahoo Sports

"What we have here are 349 unflinching pages detailing the NFL's rampant boobery . . . It probably took a reporter like Leibovich to write a historic book like this. A top-flight journalist who'd gorged on a product for decades parachutes into the factory to see exactly how the product is made and who's making it. The findings are mind-numbing, stomach-turning and stupefying. But the product is still so delicious."

"Enlightening and entertaining . . . Boston fans will savor an abundance of material about the hometown team. The chapters involving the Patriots (among them, 'Beware the Pissed Off Pretty Boy, ' '"I'm Drunk, I'm Stupid, I'm a Pats Fan", the Man Told Police') are filled with delectable tidbits." --Boston Globe

"Rollicking entertainment. Must-read for NFL junkies." --Kirkus

"[A] skewering and witty cultural study." --Publisher's Weekly