awfully hilarious: period pieces

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Awfully Hilarious
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About the Author
This series began as a joke, amongst friends. Heather Hendrie then "caught the tiger by the tail", turning the project into a best-selling, published book that won the Canadian Book Club Award in 2023 for anthologies. A creative radical who's spent years fumbling through it all and figuring it out as she goes (pretty much like the rest of us), Heather has travelled around the world on a shoestring and a whim, and spent waaaaayyy too many hours lying in bed alone (or on the toilet in the bar....) swiping through to the end of the Tinder-verse.Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Heather has lived in Cusco, Costa Rica, California, Colorado, and the Canadian Rockies before landing in her coastal British Columbia home. She's got at least 13 jobs under her belt, from golf-course beverage cart sales, to in-flight air safety professional, touring film festival host, international bike tour guide and a starring role as Ms. Frizzell look-alike, touring buses through landfills in Calgary, Alberta.What she's learned along the way (stumbling from one disaster to another) could fill a book (and so she has). Heather has also used these life experiences to become a clinical counsellor, and through that work and her humble, intimate writing style, she reaches out a hand to the rest of us, as we all simply Bumble our way through, together.This project wouldn't have happened had two of Heather's best friends not scooped her up after a particularly bad date-to console her, and provide the same support to others, in literary form.
Katherine Matthews is a freelance writer, editor, and writing instructor in Columbus, Ohio. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in Columbus Monthly for over thirty years, and her creative nonfiction earned a grant award from the Ohio Arts Council. A former managing editor at PageSpring Publishing, Katherine also served as editor-in-chief of Flip the Page, Thurber House's Teen Literary Journal for ten years. She regularly teaches writing classes for children and adults, as well as producing and performing interactive mysteries for young writers.
Lindsey Harrington is a Nova Scotian writer with Newfoundland roots. This year she shortlisted for the Fiddlehead's Creative Nonfiction Prize and longlisted for CBC's Nonfiction Prize. Her current projects include a short story collection about breakups, an un-motherhood memoir, and a novel about lonely people, featuring a seagull named Rigby.

"An open-hearted volume. Reading these stories feels like talking to a family most of us wish we could have."

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, editor of New York Times best-selling My Little Red Book and editor of Our Red Book.

"These stories matter, to menstruators, and others alike. I'm delighted to see voices joyously celebrating what has been shamed and secret for far too long."

Sandi MacDonald, Co-founder, IAPMD International Association for Premenstrual Disorders

"Period pieces highlights a struggle to embrace the onset of menses, to find time and space to care for ourselves, to obtain supplies and caring health providers. A bright and painful journey into the inner lives of those who menstruate and those who love them."

Dr. Ingrid Kristensen, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Period pieces bust out of diaries, bringing heart-wrenching emotions. My hope is that menstrual research and healthcare can also take a step forward along with these brave storytellers."

Dr. Meghan Dougan, ND - Naturopathic Doctor, Menstrual & Mental Health Advocate

"The stories we don't tell - or the ones we tell only to our dearest friends, either with laughter or with quiet tears - are often the stories the rest of the world needs the most. This book is full of such stories: the intimate, the vulnerable, the funny, the heartbreaking. Tracing the seasons and cycles of women's lives and the transitions - in our bodies, in our lives, in our understanding of ourselves and each other - these stories remind us that the taboo topics are the most important ones. awfully hilarious: period pieces will remind you that you are not alone in this wild roller coaster experience of womanhood."

Christina Myers, editor, former journalist, writing instructor, and award-winning writer.

"Period Pieces, edited by Heather Hendrie, is a deep dive into the cycles of womanhood, from the first red stain on a young girl's panties to the sweat-soaked sheets of menopause. This fearless collection of 26 stories, poems, personal essays, and experimental explorations about "Aunt Flo" reminds us that the female body is universally complicated and beautiful; inconvenient and miraculous; messy and mysterious.

It's a bloody good read."

Katherine Fawcett, wordsmith&musicmaker