Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living


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National Geographic Society
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7.9 X 10.1 X 1.3 inches | 2.55 pounds

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About the Author

KRIS BORDESSA launched in the hit blog Attainable Sustainable in 2011 to create a community focused on more self-reliant living. She encourages readers to tackle one actionable step each day to embrace simpler living through a DIY lifestyle. Bordessa grew up on a small apple farm in Northern California and is a 2nd generation 4-H member. These days, she lives in Hawai'i with her family, strives for an abundant vegetable garden, and raises a thriving--and often humorous--chicken flock.


"Tips from Kris Bordessa's popular blog fill this guide on Earth-friendly practices."
-National Geographic

"When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I relied on the local public library to feed my insatiable desire for information on self-reliant living...Actually, this book tops anything I remember finding back in the day. It's bigger, packed with more information, and is full of amazing color photographs (350 of them)." -Learningandyearning

"Wow! This book is amazing! It has it all. I literally was in another world for hours just taking in all the DIY greatness Kris has to offer." -Instagram: Bookswithbethany

"This looks like a really great book for right now and everyone stuck at home." -Instagram: @ofmoviesandbooks

"Is it possible for this to be more spot on appropriate right now Saving!" -Instagram: @kdbwrites

"Not gonna lie, I feel like this book came into my life at the right time! My husband was calling me paranoid because for the past like half a year or so I've felt the need to get books like this or survival guide type things to use JUST IN CASE we ever found ourselves in an apocalyptic style life scenario. And now here we are and should the Internet fail us as well, I'm set with ways for us to sustain ourselves. Whether or not I can pull it off is another story, but I'll at least have the directions I need 😂" -Instagram: @dropandgivemenerdy

"I want this book! I need to get my hands on a copy. I feel the same need building in myself. A need to prepare for whatever may happen." -Instagram: @sweetbookobsession

"Attainable Sustainable is basically a guide for living more like people did before the advent of packaged food and the throw-away society we now inhabit. Grow your own food, preserve it, learn to reuse what you have, can you sew? knit? crochet? Many of these skills used to be taught in school but no longer are - back in the dark ages when I went to high school I was required to take Home Ec. Now it's an elective. Skills like canning and fermenting are fun to learn and can lead to a lifestyle that feels safer in troubled times." -Cooks, Books, Looks

"I started reading "Attainable Sustainable" just as we started staying home from work due to the threat of covid-19. We have a lot of time on our hands now and a lot of time to try out some of the tips found in this book. This book is jam packed with ideas of how you can make yourself more self-sustainable. While the idea of ​​self-sustainability itself may be daunting, this book breaks a bunch of initially complicated-seeming things into super approachable steps. Author Kris Bordessa acts as a wonderful coach towards making sure you feel well equipped to tackle the projects in the book." -A Bookish Affair

"It's a great DIY and an environmental book about planting, baking, and even making your own natural household supplies. The stunning pictures and detailed tips will prove to be beneficial on your sustainable journey." -Living My Best Book Life

"As a homestead self-reliant living person myself there are so many things in this book I have only dreamed of learning and haven't yet even come close. With over 300 pages packed full of useful knowledge, DIY's, recipes, this is one amazing How-To manual to have on hand." -The Upcycled Family
"For the past 20 years we have strived to live a sustainable & self-reliant life. One that not only meets the definitions of being self-reliant, but also, and maybe more importantly, one that is mindful, authentic and thoughtful. So what do we do when kindred spirit, Kris Bordessa, writes a book, "Attainable Sustainable the lost art of self-reliant living"? We read it! Read it is putting it mildly. More like devoured it." -It's My Sustainable Life

"Guided by step-by-step photos and Bordessa's contagious good humor, you'll learn earth-friendly lifestyle tips, including how to start your own garden, make your own cleaning supplies and plant heirloom vegetables you can't find at the supermarket...Filled with small, actionable steps, Attainable Sustainable will help readers take control of their impact on the planet -- and bridge the gap between wanting and making change." -Laughing Place

"Consider this a primer and resource that will serve you through spring and beyond. It's a gorgeous book that you'll love just leafing through...Attainable Sustainable just pulls the reader in with simple projects, lovely photographs, and inspiration galore for your simple, self-reliant life." -Homespun Seasonal Living