A Realistic Path to Peace: From Genocide to Global War... and How We Can Stop It (2024)

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Solidarity Publications
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About the Author
Dee Knight was an editor of Amex-Canada, the newsletter of American exiles and expatriates who went to Canada in resistance to the Vietnam war. He was part of national organizing efforts to oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq, resulting in protest actions of millions of people in the United States and across the globe. His writing appears at DeeKnight.blog, and at RealPathToPeace.com.

"This book of excellent essays, many written in the heat of events

and conveying their urgency, analyzes the current U.S. drive for war,

against Russia, China and the Middle East. Distilling long years in the peace movement,

Knight exposes its roots and points to the only path to peace:

opposition to the U.S. war machine."

- Radhika Desai, Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group

and Convenor, International Manifesto Group

"Dee Knight has put together a critical analysis of U.S. foreign policy

informed by years of experience in the peace movement and rigorous

research into the inner workings of the empire. This book is a must

read for anyone wanting to understand how the U.S. is pursuing war

with Russia and China, and why it must be stopped."

- Danny Haiphong, Co-author of American Exceptionalism

and American Innocence: A People's History of Fake News .

"Drawing on his lifetime of experience at the front lines of resistance

to empire, Dee Knight details the multitude of struggles at home and

abroad against the empire, and for building a new, multipolar world

in which no single nation dominates, and all nations can live and

thrive together. He shows we are now at a tipping point, when the old

world of war and exploitation is ending, and a new world is coming

into being. Read his book and see the pieces of the new world coming

together, piece by struggling piece."

- Michael Wong, National Vice President of Veterans for Peace;

Co-founder of Pivot To Peace

"With the escalating New Cold War on China, and NATO's proxy war

against Russia, it's difficult to shake the feeling that the U.S. ruling

class has lost any semblance of sanity. Motivated by their mission of

hegemony - of creating a 'favorable business environment' around the

world - these people are pushing humanity towards World War 3.

This volume by veteran campaigner Dee Knight provides a timely and

much-needed voice of sanity; a passionate plea for peace, and a call for

unity and bold action against imperialism. As Huey P. Newton warned

us, 'There can be no real freedom until the imperialist - world enemy

number one - has been stripped of his power.' Essential reading."

- Carlos Martinez, Editor, Invent the Future, Co-founder, Friends of Socialist China

"Dee Knight's incisive chronicling of Ukraine war developments and

debates hones closely to one essential truth: the greatest threat to

humankind today is the aggressive war-making of the United States,

as it desperately seeks to stem the decline of its waning empire. Dee

Knight's own experience as a longtime antiwar activist leads us to one

inevitable conclusion: We Must Resist!"

- Gerry Condon, Vietnam era GI resister and former president of

Veterans for Peace, coordinator of VFP's Golden Rule project

"Dee Knight's book A Realistic Path to Peace offers keen insights into

the Biden administration's reckless provocations towards Russia and

China and morally bankrupt policy in the Middle East, amidst a larger

history of U.S. imperialism and war mongering.

Knight writes clearly and lucidly and shows the urgency of the need

to revitalize the peace movement in the US today."

- Jeremy Kuzmarov, Managing editor, CovertAction Magazine,

author of War Monger: How Clinton's Malign Foreign Policy

Shaped the U.S. Trajectory From Bush II to Biden