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About the Author
Thomas Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe (Journeys out Of the Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey) at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s where he and a few others were instrumental in getting Monroe's laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running. These early drug-free consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study (guinea pigs) all at the same time. Tom is the "TC (physicist)" described in Bob Monroe's second book Far Journeys.Campbell has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena for the last forty years. Using his acquired mastery of the Out Of Body Experience as a research tool, Campbell focused his work toward discovering the outer boundaries, inner workings, and causal dynamics of the larger reality system. The result of this research unites the worlds of objective and subjective experience under one scientific explanation, thus, achieving the goal of generating one unified, comprehensive theory of everything (TOE) that bridges metaphysics and physics with one scientific understanding. In February of 2003, Tom published the My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, solves a host of scientific paradoxes and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is. The MBT reality model explains metaphysics, spirituality, love, and human purpose at the most fundamental level, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and solves the outstanding fundamental physics problems of our time, deriving both relativity theory and quantum mechanics from first principles - something traditional physics cannot yet do. As a logic-based work of science, My Big TOE has no basis in belief, dogma, or any unusual assumptions.In the Fall of 2016, Tom presented a set of quantum physics experiments designed to provide evidence for or against the hypothesis that our reality is information based - or, in other words, that we are living in [that our so-called physical matter reality (PMR) is] a computed virtual reality. In the process of accomplishing that, these experiments are also designed to explore, and perhaps clearly resolve, significant conflicts between five competing perspectives of the underlying fundamental nature of quantum physics: 1) Copenhagen, 2) QBism, 3) Digital Physics, 4) Many Worlds, and 5) current standard QM theory. They may also shed some definitive light on the alleged connection between observers, consciousness, and quantum mechanics (QM).In the spring of 2017, these experiments were described in a paper, entitled: On Testing the Simulation Theory which was subsequently published in a peer reviewed scientific journal: International Journal of Quantum Foundations on June 17, 2017. Volume 3, Issue 3, pages 78-99Currently these experiments are being performed at the California Polytechnical university. First Results are expected in late 2023 or early 2024.
Jasmine is an award-winning writer who has worked at a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Animal Wellness Magazine, Juxtapoz, Arthur Newspaper, and the online belly dance magazine The Gilded Serpent. Several of her essays and short stories have been published in books and anthologies. She is also a digital strategist at Colibri Digital Marketing. Jasmine founded Green Bamboo Publishing as a way to combine her passion for writing with her goal of raising funds for animal charities.