Young Adult Books

By Cleaver Magazine

By Cleaver Magazine

What I Carry

Jennifer Longo

$17.99 $16.55

How to Build a Heart

Maria Padian

$17.95 $16.51

HOW TO BUILD A HEART by Maria Padian Algonquin Young Readers, 339 pages reviewed by Kristie Gadson

Outside Myself

Kristen Witucki


OUTSIDE MYSELF by Kristen Witucki Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing, 232 pages reviewed by Donna W. Hill

Worthy of Love

Andre Fenton


WORTHY OF LOVE by Andre Fenton Formac Publishing Company Limited, 199 Pages reviewed by Kristie Gadson

Echo North

Joanna Ruth Meyer

$10.99 $10.11

ECHO NORTH by Joanna Ruth Meyer Page Street Publishing Company, 394 pages reviewed by Rachel Hertzberg

A Danger to Herself and Others

Alyssa Sheinmel

$10.99 $10.11

A DANGER TO HERSELF AND OTHERS by Alyssa Sheinmel Sourcebooks Inc, 338 Pages reviewed by Kristie Gadson

A Room Away from the Wolves

Nova Ren Suma


A ROOM AWAY FROM THE WOLVES by Nova Ren Suma Algonquin Young Readers, 304 pages reviewed by Rachel Hertzberg 

The Price Guide to the Occult

Leslye Walton

$8.99 $8.27

THE PRICE GUIDE TO THE OCCULT by Leslye Walton Candlewick Press, 272 pages reviewed by Brandon Stanwyck

Cheesus Was Here

J. C. Davis


CHEESUS WAS HERE by J.C. Davis Sky Pony Press, 242 pages reviewed by Kristie Gadson

Between Two Skies

Joanne O'Sullivan


BETWEEN TWO SKIES by Joanne O’Sullivan Candlewick Press, 272 pages reviewed by Brenda Rufener

Love, Ish

Karen Rivers


LOVE, ISH by Karen Rivers Algonquin Young Readers, 288 pages reviewed by Christine M. Hopkins

Labyrinth Lost

Zoraida Córdova

$10.99 $10.11

LABYRINTH LOST    by Zoraida Córdova Sourcebooks Fire, 321 pages reviewed by Leticia Urieta

If You Were Here

Jennie Yabroff


IF YOU WERE HERE by Jennie Yabroff Merit Press, 272 pages reviewed by Caitlyn Averett

It Looks Like This

Rafi Mittlefehldt

$8.99 $8.27

IT LOOKS LIKE THIS by Rafi Mittlefehldt Candlewick Press, 327 pages reviewed by Allison Renner

Signs of You

Emily France


SIGNS OF YOU by Emily France Soho Teen, 240 pages reviewed by Rebecca Lee