Women's Studies/Feminism

By Two Owl Books

By Two Owl Books

Women's Studies/Feminism

The Essential Dykes to Watch Out for

Alison Bechdel


Foremothers of the Women's Spirituality Movement: Elders and...

Vicki Noble and Miriam Robbins Dexter


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Maya Angelou


Life Doesn't Frighten Me (Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition)

Maya Angelou, Jean-Michel Basquiat, et al.


The Complete Poetry

Maya Angelou


Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women

Maya Angelou


The Heart of a Woman

Maya Angelou


Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays

Camille Paglia


Vamps & Tramps: New Essays

Camille Paglia



Michelle Obama


The Cambridge Companion to Feminism in Philosophy

Miranda Fricker


Architecture and Feminism

Elizabeth Danze


Furious: Technological Feminism and Digital Futures

Caroline Bassett, Kate O'Riordan, et al.


Women of Color and Feminism

Maythee Rojas


Feminism and Art History

Norma Broude


Feminism And Art History: Questioning The Litany

Norma Broude and Mary Garrard


Feminist Impact on the Arts and Sciences Series: Classics and...

Barbara F. McManus and McManus


Feminist Impact on the Arts and Sciences Series: Economics...

Et Randy Albelda and Ra Albelda


Feminist Impact on the Arts and Sciences Series: Political...

William G. Weaver and Kathleen A. Staudt


An Anthology of Writings on the Ganga: Goddess and River in...

Barbara Nelson, Assa Doron, et al.