Wily Detectives in Communist Countries

By The Sly Fox

By The Sly Fox

Whisper to the Living

Stuart M. Kaminsky

$19.98 $18.38

Stuart Kaminsky's Inspector Rostnikov, an honest polliceman in a very dishonest post-Soviet Union. Most of these are now out of print.

The Siberian Dilemma, 9

Martin Cruz Smith

$27.00 $24.84

Arkady Renko's latest venture, a dedicated cop in the Putin era.

Gorky Park, 1

Martin Cruz Smith

$17.00 $15.64

Arkady Renko's first investigation pits him against the KGB, the FBI, and New York city police.

A Drop of Chinese Blood: A Mystery

James Church

$39.99 $36.79

North Korea's Inspector O deal with the sensitive border with China.

A Corpse in the Koryo

James Church

$20.99 $19.31

The introduction of Inspector O of North Korea.

The Delightful Life of a Suicide Pilot

Colin Cotterill

$27.95 $25.71

Dr. Siri, Laos ex-coroner, becomes intrigued by a strange bilingual diary.

The Second Biggest Nothing

Colin Cotterill


A death threat to Dr. Siri and his friends send the ex-coroner down memory lane.

The Coroner's Lunch

Colin Cotterill

$9.99 $9.19

The crime fighting sojourn of Laos Coroner Dr. Siri Paiboun begins.

Bones of the Earth: An Inspector Shan Tao Yun Mystery

Eliot Pattison

$27.99 $25.75

Shan Tao Yun's latest mystery, a former Chinese detective, now an ex-prisoner but still detained in Tibet.

The Skull Mantra

Eliot Pattison

$18.98 $17.46

The first Shan Tao Yun as a political prisoner in Tibet and the horrors of the prison camp and a surprising protector.

Hold Your Breath, China

Xiaolong Qiu

$28.99 $26.67

Chief Inspector Chen and Detective Yu Guangming's upcoming crime mystery, a serial murder in Shanghai.

Death of a Red Heroine

Qiu Xiaolong

$16.95 $15.59

The first Inspector Chen of Shanghai mystery involving the death of a young model worker.