What You Need to Know about U.S. Homelessness and Were Afraid to Ask

By Diane Nilan - HEAR US Inc.

By Diane Nilan - HEAR US Inc.

Dismazed and Driven: My Look at Family Homelessness in America

Diane D Nilan


My latest, and greatest, book to give readers a compelling look at family homelessness through my eyes and video camera lens. Reviewer Parker J. Palmer remarked: "The book takes the 'blue highways' genre to new depths by lifting up, in lively prose, one of most critical moral-political issues we face. She addresses our growing homeless crisis with human-scale stories about parents and kids that will first break your heart, then move you to act."

Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness

Diane D Nilan


My first book on homelessness still makes me proud! I wrote it to give readers a glimpse into those called "the homeless," people with stories I came to know as I ran shelters. It's a reader-friendly book filled with iconic stories.

Changing the Paradigm of Homelessness

Yvonne Vissing, Diane Nilan, et al.


Changing the Paradigm of Homelessness offers a comprehensive look at family housing distress related to the homelessness epidemic in the United States. This book explores the causes and consequences of this epidemic and proposes drastic changes in America’s historically ill-fated approach to family homelessness.

Still Left Out In America: The State of Homelessness in the United States

Pat LaMarche

$19.95 $18.35

Pat LaMarche gives you compelling, heart-wrenching story after story of homelessness, without the BS of blaming the person.