We want bread, but we want roses and great books, too!

By Seven Stories Press

By Seven Stories Press

'68: The Mexican Autumn of the Tlatelolco Massacre

Paco Ignacio Taibo


An incredible account of the late-60s student movement in Mexico, and the devastation that the government wrought in response.

A is for Activist

Innosanto Nagara

$11.95 $10.99

“Reading it is almost like reading Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States,' but for two-year olds—full of pictures and rhymes and a little cat to find on every page that will delight the curious toddler and parents alike.” —Occupy Wall Street

A Man Without a Country

Kurt Vonnegut


"'A Man Without a Country' is as overtly political a book as Vonnegut has written, a lament for an America that is no longer, in which, the author argues, social justice has been subsumed by war and fear. At the same time, it may be as close as Vonnegut ever comes to a memoir, with its mix of autobiography and social commentary, its reflections on topics as varied as our fossil fuel addiction and longtime heroes like Twain and labor and political leader Eugene V. Debs.” –Los Angeles Times

A Place to Live: And Other Selected Essays of Natalia Ginzburg

Natalia Ginzburg


Autobiographical essays about writing, motherhood, post-WW2 Italy, and quotidian struggles like searching for an apartment or starting a new job. Full of self-doubt and searing insight, Ginzburg is merciless in her attempts to describe herself. Paradoxically, her self-deprecating remarks reveal her deeper confidence in her own eye and writing ability.

Bloodchild and Other Stories

Octavia E. Butler

$14.00 $12.88

The only collection of stories and essays by Octavia E. Butler. As you can probably imagine, it's damn good.

Compañeras: Zapatista Women's Stories

Hilary Klein


The untold story of women’s involvement in the Zapatista movement, the indigenous rebellion that has inspired grassroots activists around the world for over two decades. Gathered here are the stories of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who became guerrilla insurgents and political leaders, educators and healers—who worked collectively to construct a new society of dignity and justice.

Entrapment and Other Writings

Nelson Algren


Recipient of the first National Book Award for fiction and lauded by Hemingway as “one of the two best authors in America,” Nelson Algren remains one of America's most defiant and enduring– and largely unknown –novelists. "Entrapment" features his unfinished novel and previously unpublished or uncollected stories, poems, and essays.

From the Third Eye: The Evergreen Review Film Reader

Barney Rosset and Ed Halter


"...the first comprehensive look at Barney Rosset and Grove Press’s contribution to film culture, collecting close to four dozen articles of the Evergreen Review’s film section, contextualized with an in-depth introduction by Ed Halter and brilliantly laid out in the distinguished style of the erstwhile magazine." –Mitch Anzuoni, The Brooklyn Rail

Handbook for a Post-Roe America

Robin Marty


A comprehensive and user-friendly manual for getting the healthcare you need– by any means necessary.


Annie Ernaux


Annie Ernaux's memoir of her abortion in 1963, twelve years before the procedure became legal in France.

The Involuntary Sojourner: Stories

S P Tenhoff


A debut collection of ten short stories of alienation, belonging, and the tenuous construction of identity, told with a dry wit that calls to mind the work of Lauren Groff or Helen DeWitt.

Natural Histories: Stories

Guadalupe Nettel


Strange, unsettling stories from Guadalupe Nettel, the master the strange and unsettling.

The New Huey P. Newton Reader

Huey P. Newton

$19.95 $18.35

The best writings of the late co-founder of the Black Panther Party, now with a new introduction from Elaine Brown.

No-Signal Area

Robert Perisic


Capturing absurdity and chaos of a society in transition, the newest book from acclaimed Croatian writer Robert Perisic shows a former Yugoslavia contending with the aftermath of its all-white race wars, suspended between socialism and capitalism and between hopelessness and hilarity.

Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and Communiques of the Weather Underground 1970-1974


The three complete and unedited publications produced by the Weathermen from 1970 to 1974, during their most active period underground: "The Weather Eye: Communiqués from the Weather Underground," "Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism," and "Sing a Battle Song: Poems by Women in the Weather Underground Organization." Idealistic, inspired, and pissed off, the writings of the Weather Underground epitomize the sexual, psychedelic, anti-war counterculture of the American 1960s and 1970s.

Things to Do When You're Goth in the Country

Chavisa Woods


“Set at the irresistible junction of toxic reality and the truly strange, the electric unexplainable, Chavisa Woods stirs up stories of drugs and dykes, mutant mohawks, the Gaza Strip and green glowing orbs. Here, the outsider becomes truly alien. Murakami meets the meth heads. Woods delivers a nation of cigarettes in language both lyric and thrilling. You have never before seen anything like this.” –Samantha Hunt, author of "Mr. Splitfoot"

Voices of a People's History of the United States, 10th Anniversary Edition

Anthony Arnove and Howard Zinn

$24.95 $22.95

Testimonies to living history—speeches, letters, poems, songs—offered by the people who make history happen, but are often left out of history books. This 10th Anniversary Edition includes work from Chelsea Manning, Naomi Klein, The Dream Defenders, The Undocumented Youth Movement, The Day Laborers movement, Chicago Teachers Union strikers, and several critics of the Obama administration, including Glenn Greenwald, on governmental secrecy.