Thinking Critically About Media: Race and Racism in Film

By The Well-Rounded Homebody

By The Well-Rounded Homebody

Disney's Most Notorious Film: Race, Convergence, and the Hidden Histories of Song of the South

Jason Sperb


Analyzing histories of film reception, convergence, and race relations over seven decades, this pioneering book undertakes a superb, multifaceted reading of one of Hollywood’s most notorious films, Disney’s Song of the South.

Black Space: Imagining Race in Science Fiction Film

Adilifu Nama


Analyzing many of the most popular and influential science fiction films of the past five decades, this book presents the most comprehensive work to date on how race and “blackness” are imagined in science fiction film.

Evil Arabs in American Popular Film: Orientalist Fear

Tim Jon Semmerling


A timely look at American popular films made between 1973 and 2001 that use Arabs, their landscapes, and their cultures as villains—and what these depictions of “evil” Arabs reveal about American fears and insecurities.