The Second Life Book Club Reading List [Show #2 May 6th]

By draxtorreads

By draxtorreads

Bridge 108

Anne Charnock


A neoliberal future where climate refugees keep Britain going as indentured servants. Multiple perspectives create empathy for a variety of shadow-economy workers. Very real around the corner stuff, also in the sense real that solidarity among workers seems not to be an option or not one being considered ... except maybe hero Caleb hints at that at the end?


Laura Lam

$27.00 $24.84

Women astronauts steal a spaceship because men are running science [and politics and everything else] = a wonderful space thriller with acute relevance to the current moment. What needs to be done to rescue humanity? Total destruction to start anew ... or as some would call it "collateral damage"?


Yvonne Battle-Felton

$26.99 $24.83

If you are NOT in the US please get the book via Dialogue Books in the UK = >> fantastic historical drama about generational trauma in the African-American community. Violent, loving, hopeful!

Panorama City

Antoine Wilson


Oppen Porter is explaining the world to his unborn son on tape, taping over the Bible audiobook. His journey from rural to suburban California, where his aunt forces "normality" on him, ostensibly to shield him from harm. He is a illiterate man with no formal schooling but of enormous empathy for the world and his fellow human beings. And this empathy is transmitted from the page to the reader.