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By Patient Revolution

In a series of brief and personal essays, Why We Revolt describes what is wrong with industrial healthcare, how it has corrupted its mission, and how it has stopped caring. We propose a revolution of compassion and solidarity, of unhurried conversations, and of careful and kind care.


Victor Montori (Lima, 1970) works at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (U.S.) as a diabetes doctor. He graduated medical school in his hometown of Lima, Perú, and completed postgraduate training at Mayo Clinic in the U.S. and at McMaster University in Canada. Considered “a patient’s doctor,”, Montori received the Karis Award, a patient-nominated recognition for his compassionate care. A researcher in the science of patient-centered care, Montori and his colleagues have authored over 580 research articles. A full professor of medicine by age 39, Victor is today one of the most cited clinical researchers in the world. 


All proceeds from Why We Revolt go directly to the Patient Revolution’s mission of empowering patients, caregivers, community advocates, clinicians, and more to rebuild our healthcare system, to turn it away from industrial healthcare and toward careful and kind care for all.

Why We Revolt: A patient revolution for careful and kind care

Victor Montori

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First edition. English.

Why We Revolt is a triumph. It speaks honestly and knowledgeably about the faults of “industrial medicine.” Montori, a doctor, citizen, and poet, has produced a wonderful and meaningful book that deserves widespread attention. — Don Berwick, physician, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and president emeritus of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


This marvelously optimistic book is an urgent and cogent call to action that is firmly rooted in direct experience of the harms inflicted, not only on patients but also on those who try to care for them, by the industrialization of contemporary healthcare - Iona Heath, medical doctor and writer, former president of the Royal College of General Practitioners.