The Most Banned Books of the Year



George (Scholastic Gold)

Alex Gino

$7.99 $7.35

Challenged, banned, restricted, and hidden to avoid controversy; for LGBTQIA+ content and a transgender character; because schools and libraries should not “put books in a child’s hand that require discussion”; for sexual references; and for conflicting with a religious viewpoint and “traditional family structure”

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

Susan Kuklin

$12.99 $11.95

Challenged for LGBTQIA+ content, for “its effect on any young people who would read it,” and for concerns that it was sexually explicit and biased

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo (Better Bundo Book, Lgbt Children's Book)

Marlon Bundo and Eg Keller (Gerald Kelley)

$18.99 $17.47

Challenged and vandalized for LGBTQIA+ content and political viewpoints, for concerns that it is “designed to pollute the morals of its readers,” and for not including a content warning

Sex Is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and You

Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

$23.95 $22.03

Challenged, banned, and relocated for LGBTQIA+ content; for discussing gender identity and sex education; and for concerns that the title and illustrations were “inappropriate”

Prince & Knight

Daniel Haack and Stevie Lewis

$17.98 $16.54

Challenged and restricted for featuring a gay marriage and LGBTQIA+ content; for being “a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate young children” with the potential to cause confusion, curiosity, and gender dysphoria; and for conflicting with a religious viewpoint

I Am Jazz

Jazz Jennings, Jessica Herthel, et al.

$17.98 $16.54

Challenged and relocated for LGBTQIA+ content, for a transgender character, and for confronting a topic that is “sensitive, controversial, and politically charged”

The Handmaid's Tale

Margaret Atwood

$15.95 $14.67

Banned and challenged for profanity and for “vulgarity and sexual overtones”


Raina Telgemeier

$10.99 $10.11

Challenged for LGBTQIA+ content and for concerns that it goes against “family values/morals”

And Tango Makes Three: Book and CD

Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell, et al.

$9.99 $9.19

Challenged and relocated for LGBTQIA+ content