The Black Authors Collective

By Niche Book Bar

By Niche Book Bar

The Black Authors Collective

Alone Bird: A story about Autism

Amelia Peace and Georgina Vaughan


The Misadventures of Toni Macaroni in: The Mad Scientist

Cetonia Weston-Roy and Chasity Hampton


Cole Duncan for Class President

Lagra Newman and Claudia Newman


But i don't want to say GOODBYE!

Ta'shay Mason and Tanya Colton-Cauley


Just Kick Rocks

Jk Rox


Why Bully Me?

Cameron M. Fry and Angel S. Bell


Two Out of Three

Queeny Simmons



Fredric Shernoff and Lala Leo


Karma II: Second Chances

Tiera M. Jones


On the 7th Day

Tamiko R. Evans


Better Than Coffee

Shon Shree Lewis


Trilithaeons: in Dissonance

Jr. Lewis Charles Lea


Devin's Dress

Devin Hayden and Dionna L Hayden


Big Bad Bully

Dionna L Hayden


Moving Day

Dionna L Hayden