Thank You, Crow...and books like it

By Penny Candy Books

By Penny Candy Books

In Thank You, Crow by Michael Minkovitz with illustrations by Jose Medina, Crow brings strange treasures to Sebastian, who helped when Crow had a broken wing. Through a pleasantly muted color palette with pops of vibrant color and lots of white space, we follow Sebastian and Crow as they meet, become friends, and accumulate Crow's seemingly disconnected gifts. The story follows a familiar sequence: Crow asks an interesting cast of strangers for an item, the strangers oblige, and Crow says thank you. And with each new gift, Sebastian says thank you to Crow even though he's unsure about the gifts...until he sees where Crow's imagination can take them. According to Kirkus, "Readers will be fascinated, one page after another, to watch how the gifts take shape together in the woods." A simple act of kindness seeks no reward, but what young readers find in Thank You, Crow is that sometimes what you receive in return for doing the right thing is so much more than the action you performed, sometimes beyond your wildest dreams.

Thank You, Crow

Michael Minkovitz and Jose Medina

$16.95 $15.59

What can two friends build out of acts of kindness and their imagination?

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