Style and Fashion

By Material Life

By Material Life

Style and Fashion

Street Culture


Dandy Lion: Black Dandy and Street Style

Shantrelle P Lewis


Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir

Daniel R. Day


The Way We Wore: Black Style Then

Michael McCollom


Fancy Party Gowns: The Story of Fashion Designer Ann Cole Lowe

Deborah Blumenthal and Laura Freeman


Duro Olowu: Seeing

Naomi Beckwith


Making & Unmaking


Mickael Kra: Jewellery Between Paris Glamour and African...

Francine Vormese and Annette Braun


Walking with the Muses: A Memoir

Pat Cleveland


Brown Bohemians: Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative...

Vanessa Vernon and Morgan Ashley


The Face That Changed It All: A Memoir

Beverly Johnson


My Stars Are Still Shining: A Memoir

Amina Warsuma


I'll Never Write My Memoirs

Grace Jones and Paul Morley