Space Cowboy's Science Favorites

By Space Cowboy Books

By Space Cowboy Books

Space Cowboy's Science Favorites

In Search of Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality

John Gribbin


Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics

Charles Ludwig


Time Traveler: A Scientist's Personal Mission to Make Time...

Bruce Henderson and Ronald L Mallett


Madame Curie: A Biography

Eve Curie


Lavoisier in the Year One: The Birth of a New Science in an...

Madison Smartt Bell


The Principia: The Authoritative Translation and Guide:...

Isaac Newton, I Bernard Cohen, et al.


Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics

Gary Zukav


Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy

Kip Thorne and Stephen W Hawking


Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by Its Most...

Matthew Sands, Richard P Feynman, et al.


Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and...

Richard P Feynman, Robert B Leighton, et al.


The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand,...

Michio Kaku


About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

Paul Davies


Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our...

R Jourdain and Robert Jourdain


The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of...

Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan


The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human...

Carl Sagan


Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age

W. Bernard Carlson


Edison vs. Tesla: The Battle Over Their Last Invention

William J Birnes and Joel Martin


Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution

John Gribbin


Six Impossible Things: The Mystery of the Quantum World

John Gribbin


The Fabric of Reality: The Science of Parallel Universes--And...

David Deutsch


Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum


Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the...

Manjit Kumar


Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 21 New Do-It-Yourself...

Robert E. Iannini


Mechatronics for the Evil Genius: 25 Build-It-Yourself Projects

Newton C Braga


Bionics for the Evil Genius: 25 Build-It-Yourself Projects

Newton C Braga


The Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)

Charles Darwin and Julian Huxley


Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Ann Druyan


Letters from an Astrophysicist

Neil DeGrasse Tyson