By The Best of Shakespeare: A Tedious Brief List of the Best Shakespeare Books Available (on

Shakespeare & Gender

Shakespeare on Masculinity

Robin Headlam Wells


Shakespeare and Masculinity

Bruce R. Smith


Shakespeare and Girls' Studies

Ariane M. Balizet


MS-Directing Shakespeare: Women Direct Shakespeare

Elizabeth Auteur Schafer


Shakespeare and Gender: Sex and Sexuality in Shakespeare's Drama

Ailsa Grant Ferguson and Kate Aughterson


Shakespeare and Queer Theory

Melissa E. Sanchez


Shakespeare and Queer Representation

Stephen Guy-Bray


Shakespeare and Gender in Practice

Terri Power


Imagining Shakespeare's Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway

Katherine West Scheil


Shakespeare's Heroines

Anna Murphy Jameson


Shakespeare Without Women

Dympna Callaghan


Shakespeare's Women

David Mann


Shakespeare and Women

Phyllis Rackin


Shakespeare's Widows

D. Kehler


Women in Shakespeare: A Dictionary

Alison Findlay


On Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters

Helena Faucit Martin


Shakespeare's Daughters

Sharon Hamilton


Poor Women in Shakespeare

Fiona McNeill


The Slandered Woman in Shakespeare

Joyce H Sexton


Shakespeare's Cross-Cultural Encounters

Geraldo U. De Sousa


Shakespeare and Tolerance

B. J. Sokol


Women and Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century

Fiona Ritchie


Women in the Age of Shakespeare

Theresa D. Kemp


The Body Embarrassed

Gail Kern Paster


Shakespeare's Wife

Germaine Greer


Shakespeare and Outsiders

Marianne Novy


Women and Race in Early Modern Texts

Joyce Green MacDonald


Joan of Arc: A History

Helen Castor


The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women: A Social History

Elizabeth Norton


Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks


Women, Armies, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe

John a Lynn II