Shakespeare Authorship Question

By Driftless Books and Music

By Driftless Books and Music

Shakespeare Authorship Question

In the Shadow of Shakespeare

Richard Vaughan Davies


The Bible in Shakespeare

Hannibal Hamlin


In the Shadow of Shakespeare

Ellen Wilson


The Edward De Vere Remote Viewing Society

Roland O'Connor


Eros and Magic in the Renaissance

Ioan P. Couliano


Edward de Vere and the Shakespeare Printers

Robert Sean Brazil


Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts

Bryan H. Wildenthal


The Poems of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford . . . and...

Roger Stritmatter Ph D and Bryan Wildenthal J D


Twelve Years in the Life of Shakespeare

Hank Whittemore


Shine Forth: Evidence Grows Rapidly in Favor of Edward de...

Dr Paul Altrocchi, Hank Whittemore, et al.


"Shakespeare" Identified

J. Thomas Looney


Shakespeare's Secrets

Aaron F Tatum


I Am Shakespeare

Mark Rylance


Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts

Bryan H. Wildenthal


Nothing Truer Than Truth: Fact Versus Fiction in the...

Hank Whittaker and Paul Hemenway Altrocchi


The Great Shakespeare Hoax: After Unmasking the Fraudulent...

Paul Hemenway Altrocchi and Hank Whittemore


The Complete Works of John Lyly

John Lyly


The Dramatic Works of John Lilly, (the Euphuist.)

John Lyly and Frederick William Fairholt


Macbeth: The Graphic Novel: Plain Text

William Shakespeare


The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Revised)

William Shakespeare


The Complete Plays

Christopher Marlowe


Shakespeare's predecessors in the English drama

John Addington Symonds


Shakespeare Madness & Music PB

Kendra Preston Leonard


Shakespeare's Literary Authorship

Patrick Cheney


Elizabethan Drama and Shakespeare's Early Plays: An Essay in...

Ernest William Talbert


Shakespeare: Out of Court: Dramatizations of Court Society

J. Turner, G. Holderness, et al.


Trial of Man: Christianity and Judgment in the World of...

John Ed. Bernthal and Craig A Bernthall


A Census of Shakespeare's Plays on Quarto; 1594-1709

Alfred William Pollard and Henrietta Collins Bartlett


The Shakespeare Apocrypha; Being a Collection of Fourteen...

Charles Frederick Tucker Brooke


Who Will Believe My Verse?: The Code in Shakespeare's Sonnets

James Goding and James Leyland


The Shakespeare Identity Problem Volume 1

Edward Furlong


Greene's Pandosto

Robert Greene


The Plays & Poems of Robert Greene; Volume 1

John Churton Collins and Robert Greene


Groats-Vvorth of Witte, Bought with a Million of Repentance....

Robert Greene and George Bagshaw Harrison


The Plant-Lore and Garden-Craft of Shakespeare

Henry N. Ellacombe


Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

Charles Nicholl


Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney

Alwin Thaler


Who was William Shakespeare?

Dympna Callaghan


Shakespeare and the Natural World

Tom Macfaul


Shakespeare and the Dark Lady

Richard Chandler


Shakespeare Thy Name Is Marlowe

David Rhys Williams


The Shakespeare Company, 1594-1642

Andrew Gurr


Actors and Acting in Shakespeare's Time

John H. Astington


Henry Neville and the Shakespeare Code

Brenda James


Shakespeare's Caliban: A Cultural History

Alden T. Vaughan


Shakespeare and the Poets' War

James Bednarz


Citizen Comedy in the Age of Shakespeare

Alexander Leggatt


The Art of Law in Shakespeare

Paul Raffield


Shakespeare and Platonic Beauty

John Vyvyan


The Dramaturgy of Shakespeare's Romances

Barbara a. Mowat


The Quest for Shakespeare's Globe

John Orrell


Shakespeare, Court Dramatist

Richard Dutton


Shakespeare Confidential

C V Berney


The Life and Death of King Edward

Joshua Gray


Shakespeare's Demonology: A Dictionary

Marion Gibson and Jo Ann Esra


Shakespeare and the Power of the Face

James A Knapp


Visions of Venice in Shakespeare

Shaul Bassi and Laura Tosi


The Stage Clown in Shakespeare's Theatre

Bente A. Videbaek


By Me, William Shakespeare

Robert Payne


Shakespeare the King James Version

Ian Stockdale


Shakespeare and the Book Trade

Lukas Erne


The Afterlife of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Jane Kingsley-Smith


Images in an Antique Book: Dante in Shakespeare

Vivienne Robertson


Shakespeare's Freedom

Stephen Greenblatt


The Quest for Shakespeare

Joseph Pearce


Stages of Power: Marlowe and Shakespeare, 1592

Eric S. Mallin and Paul V Sullivan


Age in Love: Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court

Jacqueline Vanhoutte


Shakespeare's Pub

Pete Brown


Shakespeare Thefts

Eric Rasmussen


The Gospel According to Shakespeare

Piero Boitani


Myth of Shakespeare

Charles Williams


Shakespeare's Wilderness

David Rains Wallace


Is Shakespeare Dead?

Mark Twain


The Shakespeare Conspiracy

Sandra Hochman


Hamlet: The Texts of 1603 and 1623: Third Series

William Shakespeare


Good Will: Shakespeare's Novel Life

Arthur W Wiggins and Barbara M Wiggins


Who Wrote Shakespeare? (Revised)

John Michell


Prince: A John Shakespeare Mystery

Rory Clements


Playgoing in Shakespeare's London

Andrew Gurr


Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare

Jonathan Gil Harris


Shakespeare: To Be or Not to Be?

David Leonard Roper


Malice Aforethought

Paul Hemenway MD Altrocchi


Shine Forth: Evidence Grows Rapidly in Favor of Edward de...

Hank Whittemore, Paul Altrocchi, et al.


My Name Be Buried: A Coerced Pen Name Forces the Real...

Hank Whittemore, Paul Altrocchi, et al.


Soul of the Age: Volume 9

MD Paul Hemenway Altrocchi


To All the World Must Die: Volume 8

MD Paul Hemenway Altrocchi


Wonder of Our Stage: Volume 6: The Real Shakespeare...

MD Paul Hemenway Altrocchi


So Richly Spun

Dr Paul Altrocchi, Hank Whittemore, et al.


Moniment: Volume 10: Edward de Vere's Body of Work as...

MD Paul Hemenway Altrocchi


Elinor & Shakespeare

Gerald Sindell