September 2020 Reading List

By Jack Carr USA

By Jack Carr USA

Rising Sun

Michael Crichton

$20.80 $19.14

Genius is a word that tends to be thrown around much too frequently.  If you’ve been following my reading lists, social media posts, podcasts, or opinion pieces, you will note I rarely, if ever, use it.  Well, Michael Crichton was a genius.  If you have not read his work or researched his life story, I encourage you to do so.  Trained as a doctor, instead of practicing medicine he followed his passion for writing, giving us some of the most engaging stories, television and movies of our generation. You may want to start with Rising Sun, or perhaps with The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Sphere, Congo, The Lost World, or The Great Train Robbery.  Or, maybe you’ll watch an episode of ER, a series he created.  Writing the script twenty years before it was produced, ER became one of the highest rated and longest running dramas in television history. He directed seven movies and had thirteen of his novels made into films. Sadly, Michael Crichton passed away in 2008.  Writer, author, filmmaker, doctor, orator, teacher, visionary, and explorer, Michael Crichton truly lived his calling.  He leaves a legacy of passion and achievement, an inspiration to us all. “I think people put too much emphasis on the ‘idea’ behind a story, anyway. First of all, there isn’t just one idea in a story, there are lots of ideas. And second, an idea by itself isn’t worth much until you do the work necessary to get it down on paper.” – Michael Crichton

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

John Steinbeck

$20.00 $18.40

One of my favorite books of all time, I’ll just leave this right here… “I will lay down the law and you will learn it word by word, and every word must be edged with fire.  This is the law. The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental.” – John Steinbeck, The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

Transformation of War

Martin Van Creveld

$35.00 $32.20

As a student of war, there are few works that have had as much impact on me as those of Martin van Creveld.  The Transformation of War is required reading and was one of the books I included in my professional reading list for the SEAL Teams before I left active duty. Creveld is without a doubt one of the foremost authorities on warfare alive today.  His The Transformation of War is an intellectual critique of the often cited On War by Carl von Clausewitz.  My copy is old, worn and coming apart at the binding but it holds a special place in my heart and on my shelf.  Published in 1991, its most pertinent theme still rings true today, that wars since the end of World War II have been irregular in nature and that irregular warfare is anything but “irregular.” Creveld frames what some consider his seminal work with this dedication: “To my children - May they never have to fight.”