Science Fiction Film & Television

By Space Cowboy Books

By Space Cowboy Books

Science Fiction Film & Television

Paranoia, the Bomb, and 1950s Science Fiction Films

Cynthia Hendershot and Cyndy Hendershot


Science Fiction Film

Keith M. Johnston


The Making of Aliens

J. W. Rinzler


Must-See Sci-Fi: 50 Movies That Are Out of This World

Sloan de Forest and Turner Classic Movies


The Making of Planet of the Apes

J. W. Rinzler


The Ships of Battlestar Galactica

Neil Kelly, Jo Bourne, et al.


The 2001 File: Harry Lange and the Design of the Landmark...

Christopher Frayling


I Am C-3po: The Inside Story: Foreword by J.J. Abrams

Anthony Daniels


Teaching History with Science Fiction Films

A. Bowdoin Van Riper


Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1958

Theresa M. Moore


The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stephanie Schwam


Science Fiction Cinema: From Outerspace to Cyberspace

Tanya Krzywinska and Geoff King


American Science Fiction Film and Television

Lincoln Geraghty


Indie Science Fiction Cinema Today: Conversations with 21st...

Chris Vander Kaay and Kathleen Fernandez-Vander Kaay


Gendering Science Fiction Films

S. George


100 Science Fiction Films (2013)

Barry Keith Grant


Blade Runner and the Cinema of Philip K. Dick

Jeremy Mark Robinson


The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film

Steven Sanders


H. G. Wells, Modernity and the Movies

Keith Williams


The Biology of Science Fiction Cinema

Mark C. Glassy


Martian Pictures: Analyzing the Cinema of the Red Planet

Stanley and Nicki L. Michalski


Projecting Tomorrow: Science Fiction and Popular Cinema

James Chapman and Nicholas J. Cull


Make Your Own Sci-Fi Flick

Jonathan Quijano