Science Fiction & fantasy classics

By Book Beat

By Book Beat


Frank Herbert

$10.99 $10.11

The world’s best-selling science fiction novel of all time, and often described as the Lord of the Rings of science fiction. If you’ve never read a science fiction book before, don’t start here, but make it your fifth.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 25th Anniversary Edition

Douglas Adams

$18.00 $16.56

This is one of the funniest books written in the English language. It begins with the destruction of Earth, and things go downhill from there. Do not read this book around other people, because you will annoy them by laughing so much.


Isaac Asimov

$7.99 $7.35

Psychohistory is one of Asimov’s best inventions: using a combination of history, psychology, and statistics, one can accurately predict the behavior of large groups of people. Asimov’s characters tend be one-dimensional, but his stories are so entertaining that it’s easy to forgive that lapse.

The Lathe of Heaven

Ursula K. Le Guin

$17.00 $15.64


Stanislaw Lem

$14.99 $13.79

Ice: 50th Anniversary Edition

Anna Kavan

$17.00 $15.64


William Gibson

$8.99 $8.27

Gibson rewrote the first 2/3 of this book (his first novel) twelve times and was worried people would think he stole the feel from Blade Runner, which had come out two years earlier. He was convinced he would be “permanently shamed” after it was published. Fortunately for Gibson, Neuromancer won science fiction’s triple crown (the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick awards) and became the seminal work in the cyberpunk subgenre.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Robert A. Heinlein

$9.99 $9.19

It was all his wife’s idea. During a brainstorming session, Virginia Heinlein suggested Robert write a version of The Jungle Book, but with the child being raised by Martians instead of wolves. After about a decade of on-and-off effort, Heinlein published the public-mores-challenging book and introduced the word grok to the world.

Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson

$17.00 $15.64

The Hobbit, Or, There and Back Again

J. R. R. Tolkien

$10.99 $10.11

2001: A Space Odyssey

Arthur C Clarke

$8.99 $8.27

Roadside Picnic

Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky

$16.99 $15.63

The Martian

Andy Weir

$17.00 $15.64


Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

$17.98 $16.54

Chasm City

Alastair Reynolds

$16.99 $15.63

The Library of the Unwritten

A. J. Hackwith

$17.00 $15.64

The Shadow of the Wind

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

$18.00 $16.56

Wild Seed

Octavia E. Butler

$16.99 $15.63

A Peculiar Peril

Jeff VanderMeer

$19.99 $18.39

Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books 1-7

J. K. Rowling

$205.93 $189.46