Sam!...and books like it

By Penny Candy Books

By Penny Candy Books

Sam is a nine-year-old boy who loves riding his bike and learning about the American Revolution. There’s just one problem: Sam’s family knows him as a girl named Isabel. Sam feels a sense of relief when he finally confides in his sister Maggie, and then his parents, even though it takes them a while to feel comfortable with it. But with lots of love and support, Sam and his family learn and grow through Sam’s journey to embrace his true self.  In the vein of I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel, Sam! is based on a real story. With a note from the author explaining their family’s experience, Sam! is an important addition to a list of books that help children and adults discuss gender identity. 


Dani Gabriel and Robert Liu-Trujillo

$16.95 $15.59

Sam, his annoying but amazing sister, and their family’s journey through his transition.

Jack (Not Jackie)

Erica Silverman and Holly Hatam

$17.99 $16.55

Julián Is a Mermaid

Jessica Love

$16.99 $15.63

Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story about Gender and Friendship

Jessica Walton and Dougal MacPherson

$17.99 $16.55

I Am Jazz

Jessica Herthel, Jazz Jennings, et al.

$17.99 $16.55