Recommended Titles

By University Press Books

By University Press Books

Recommended Titles

The Chinese Pleasure Book

Michael Nylan


Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability

Shelley Lynn Tremain


Sars in Context, Volume 27: Memory, History, and Policy

Arthur Sweetman and Jacalyn Duffin


The Brain in Context: A Pragmatic Guide to Neuroscience

Jay Schulkin and Jonathan D. Moreno


Discourse and Truth and Parresia

Michel Foucault


The Playful Entrepreneur: How to Adapt and Thrive in...

David M. Gann and Mark Dodgson


Capital and Ideology

Thomas Piketty


Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Thomas Piketty


Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the...

Matthew C. Klein and Michael Pettis


Why We ACT: Turning Bystanders Into Moral Rebels

Catherine A. Sanderson


Goethe Dies

Thomas Bernhard



John Took


The Living Presidency: An Originalist Argument Against Its...

Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash


A Theory of Justice (Revised)

John Rawls