By Friends of the Library, Montgomery County

Rebellion, Revolt and Reform

Black Rebellion: Eyewitness Accounts of Major Slave Revolts

Joshua Coffin, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, et al.


The Boston Massacre: A Family History

Serena Zabin


Boston's Massacre

Eric Hinderaker


The Creole Mutiny: A Tale of Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship

Willene Hendrick and George Hendrick


Slave Play

Jeremy O. Harris


Ribbons of Scarlet: A Novel of the French Revolution's Women

Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie, et al.


What the Eagle Sees: Indigenous Stories of Rebellion and Renewal

Kathy Lowinger and Eldon Yellowhorn


Resistance, Rebellion, and Death: Essays

Albert Camus


The Present Age: On the Death of Rebellion

Soren Kierkegaard


Roses and Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won...

Susan Zimet and Todd Hasak-Lowy


Native Vote: American Indians, the Voting Rights ACT, and the...

Daniel McCool, Jennifer Robinson, et al.


Reform or Revolution and Other Writings

Rosa Luxemburg


Dark Ghettos: Injustice, Dissent, and Reform

Tommie Shelby


Fatigued by School Reform

Jack Jennings


How to Reform Capitalism

The School of Life