Ready Set Go: Best Funny Romances

By Smart Bitches Trashy Books, LLC

By Smart Bitches Trashy Books, LLC

The Worst Best Man

Mia Sosa

$15.99 $14.71

Very sarcastic and punny, the meld of cynicism, hijinks, and biting humor really worked for me. - Aarya

The Blacksmith Queen

G. A. Aiken

$15.95 $14.67

Itโ€™s so goofy and over the top and every time I think of Keeley giving belly rubs to an ancient wolf god, I cackle. - Amanda

When a Scot Ties the Knot

Tessa Dare


Elyse's pick

Heroine Complex

Sarah Kuhn


Thereโ€™s a high ridiculous factor and a lot of just absurd situational humor (plus a strong romantic subplot!) - Ellen

A Week to Be Wicked

Tessa Dare


The most hilarious part is the hero making up a country, and people going oohs and aaahs when hero and heroine are nobles from that country. - Claudia

What Happens in London

Julia Quinn


The origin of Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron. A gem. - Carrie

Natural Born Charmer

Susan Elizabeth Phillips


The opening scene never fails to make me giggle. The beaver suit! - AJ

Lord Dashwood Missed Out

Tessa Dare


Itโ€™s about a woman who got trashed on champagne and wrote a pamphlet that tells her childhood sweetheart, who rejected her because his love for her was TOO DEEP, exactly how trifling he is. - Maya