By Fiction Addiction

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Lowcountry Boomerang

Susan M. Boyer


The Garden Angel

Mindy Friddle


Art Smart, Science Detective: The Case of the Sliding Spaceship

Kim Shealy Jeffcoat, Melinda Long, et al.


Signs of Struggle

John Carenen


Year of the Snake: 1989

Sue Lile Inman



Kathryn Smith



Brock Adams


The Art of Saying Goodbye

Ellyn Bache


Coronology [And Other Poems]

Claire Bateman


The Perfect Pet

Samantha Bell


Beneath the Surface

Lynn H. Blackburn


Hex (First Edition, First)

Sarah Blackman


Sweeter Than Tea

Kimberly Brock, Deborah Grace Staley, et al.


Keowee Valley

Katherine Scott Crawford


The Eerie Mystery



Oath of Honor

Lynette Eason


In It for the Money

David Burnsworth


Letters to the Editor

Paul Michael Garrison


Escape to Vindor

Emily Golus


Second Bloom: A Holly and Ivy Mystery

Sally Handley