By Boneshaker Books

Electric Arches

Eve L Ewing

$16.00 $14.72

Homie: Poems

Danez Smith

$16.00 $14.72

There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce

Morgan Parker

$14.95 $13.75

Don't Call Us Dead: Poems

Danez Smith

$16.00 $14.72


Eve L Ewing

$16.00 $14.72

Unbearable Splendor

Sun Yung Shin

$16.00 $14.72

Citizen: An American Lyric

Claudia Rankine

$20.00 $18.00

Racism is bad, and it's also just...boring. These prose poems lyrically describe the everyday weathering of being a Black woman in America, and examines the meaning of citizenship. The essay about Serena Williams alone is worth the price of this book. --Moli

The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!)

Anna Pulley

$14.99 $13.79

If They Come for Us: Poems

Fatimah Asghar

$16.00 $14.72

Today Means Amen

Sierra Demulder


Blue Horses: Poems

Mary Oliver

$16.00 $14.72

Sang I Sing

Bao Phi

$16.00 $14.72

Prelude to Bruise

Saeed Jones

$16.00 $14.72

For Your Own Good

Leah Horlick


Haunting, heartbreaking poems that trace a narrative of rape and abuse in a lesbian relationship. Horlick captures not only this rough topic, but so many threads which spiderweb from it: the unique devastations of queer abuse, racialized violence, and the bright lights of recovery and reclamation. One of my all-time favorite books. --Moli