Penny Candy Bundles: Girl Power!

By Penny Candy Books

By Penny Candy Books

Hedy and Her Amazing Invention

Jan Wahl and Morgana Wallace

$16.95 $15.59

The first title in Penny Candy's Amazing Women series of nonfiction picture books

The Hunt

Margaux Othats

$16.95 $15.59

Part girl-power, part cautionary tale, The Hunt depicts a young girl who builds and rebuilds a rock sculpture despite the efforts of two hunters to shoot her creation to bits. The girl persists, her sculpture taking shape and becoming a testament to the creative spirit and a condemnation of violence.

The Yellow Suitcase

Meera Sriram and Meera Sethi

$16.95 $15.59

“In this beautifully bittersweet expression of love and loss, Asha mourns her grandma’s death while learning to treasure her life and memory. With two long braids, bright blue glasses, a cheerful collection of knee-high socks, and a grieving heart, Asha travels from California to India to attend the funeral. The warmth of Indian culture is evident all around, from bold colors, patterns, and traditions to the patient understanding and support that the family shows each other as they heal together.” —Foreword Reviews, starred review

A Card for My Father

Samantha Thornhill and Morgan Clement

$16.95 $15.59

A Card For My Father by Samantha Thornhill with illustrations by Morgan Clement explores the lasting effects, big and small, of a father’s incarceration on his first-grade daughter, Flora. In A Card For My Father, how can Flora complete her class assignment to make a Father’s Day card when she’s never met her father?

Trini's Big Leap

Beth Kephart, Alexander de Wit, et al.

$17.95 $16.51

Trini is the highest flyer, the strongest gripper, the most spectacular cartwheeler at her after-school club. She easily masters any gymnastic move her teachers show her, and always says, "I can do that." But when she tries to construct buildings out of blocks like her friends do, she discovers that some things don't come as easily for her.

The Cloud Lasso

Stephanie Schlaifer and Melodie Stacey

$16.95 $15.59

Big gloomy clouds have hung over Delilah’s head and heart since her beloved grandfather died. But remembering an old trick he taught her on the farm, she lassos all the clouds out of the sky to navigate her feelings of sadness and isolation. The Cloud Lasso is a poetic meditation on loss, memory, and paying homage to those we’ve lost.

The Pear Tree

Luli Gray and Madelyn Goodnight

$16.95 $15.59

In this folktale retold, Esperanza gives her very last pear to a beggar and is rewarded with the best pear crop she’s ever had—and the power to ensnare anyone she wants in her tree. When Señor Death comes for her, Esperanza tricks him into climbing her tree, where he becomes stuck, unable to come down and do his work. From that point on, no one dies. But when Esperanza learns that her friend in the next town is suffering terribly, she realizes that the end of death doesn’t mean the end of suffering and agrees to let Señor Death down from her tree. The final work by legendary children’s author Luli Gray with an afterword by the publisher that explains why Gray changed the story to include hope.

Eunice and Kate

Mariana Llanos and Elena Napoli

$16.95 $15.59

Eunice and Kate live with their moms next door to each other in the heart of the city and have a lot in common—even though they have different dreams for the future: Kate wants to be an astronaut and Eunice wants to be a ballet dancer. But when they draw portraits of each other in art class, things get mixed up. Eunice draws Kate as a ballet dancer and Kate draws Eunice as an astronaut, and they both get more than a little annoyed. Can their friendship survive? With a little help from their moms, the girls come to learn the value of respecting each other’s different dreams. Eunice and Kate is a heartfelt new book by Mariana Llanos, illustrated by Elena Napoli, about how honoring our differences can strengthen our bonds.

A Little Called Pauline

Gertrude Stein and Bianca Stone

$16.95 $15.59

Pauline lives with her mom in a house on stilts by the sea. A Little Called Pauline is the first picture book adaptation of a poem from Gertrude Stein’s groundbreaking 1914 book Tender Buttons. Featuring vibrant illustrations from poet-artist Bianca Stone, A Little Called Pauline invites young readers to experience Stein’s playful, mysterious language for the very first time and to delight in the adventures of a girl named Pauline.

In One Ear and Out the Other: Antonia Brico and Her Amazingly Musical Life

Diane Worthey and Morgana Wallace

$16.95 $15.59

When men told her that women couldn’t become conductors, Antonia Brico wasn’t listening. The second title in Penny Candy’s Amazing Women Series of nonfiction picture books, In One Ear and Out the Other: The Amazing Life of Antonia Brico tells the story of one woman’s fight to gain recognition as a conductor in an era when men dominated classical music. Available to ship in September 2020.

Cloud Hopper

Beth Kephart

$17.99 $16.55

Set among old planes and majestic hot air balloons of a run-down municipal airport, Cloud Hopper is a high-flying adventure by National Book Award finalist Beth Kephart about a group of teenage friends who’ll do whatever they can to help a stranger who falls into their lives, even if they are still learning how to help themselves. The first novel from Penny Candy's Penelope Editions imprint. Available to ship in August 2020.