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By Running Wild Press

By Running Wild Press

The Many Deaths of Cole Parker

Taylor Grant

$21.99 $19.79

“The Many Deaths of Cole Parker” is unnerving, thrilling, and compelling. Taylor Grant takes us on a strange journey through very dark territory. Highly recommended!” -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN and V-WARS "Taylor Grant has an uncanny talent for telling stories that invert our everyday experiences into sympathetic nightmares. His characters are always given the dignity of conscience and choice, even as he deftly manipulates the reader through ​​whatever ingenious turn of the screw he has come up with this time. Whether his name appears on a screenplay or prose, Taylor Grant is a writer who never fails to engage. His stories frighten me and, frankly, always leave me a little green with why the hell didn't I think of that?" - ​Christopher Ransom, International Bestselling Author, THE BIRTHING HOUSE


Sarah Z. Sleeper

$21.99 $19.79

In her new life in Japan, Sarah Z. Sleeper's protagonist Lucy is a fish out of water, and in over her head at the very same time. A candid, beautifully descriptive map of a young woman's changing emotional landscape. --Sally J. Pla, award-winning author of The Someday Birds Sarah Sleeper’s charming bildungsroman Gaijin—Japanese for “outsider”—tells the story of a naïve, young, Midwestern woman named Lucy. A bookish loner, inexperienced in the ways of the world or of the heart, she has a very short but intense “infatuation” with an exotic and worldly Japanese man named Owen Ota, whom she meets in her college English class. From Owen she develops an idealized picture of all things Japanese. The relationship, however, is complicated and, for Lucy, punctuated by emotionally odd behaviors on Owen’s part; their courtship ends before it really begins when Owen returns suddenly and mysteriously to his home country. Obsessed with Owen, Lucy, the outsider, follows her heart and travels to Japan to find out his “secret.” There she is confronted by ugly cultural realities, as well as unpleasant emotional ones, realities she wasn’t prepared for. A nuanced, subtly written tale that reminds one of those Jamesian cultural clashes between ingenuous Americans and sophisticated foreigners, Sleeper’s novel shows us how we are all, at heart, gaijin. A novel particularly relevant in today’s highly charged xenophobic era. -- Michael C. White, author of Beautiful Assassin. When Lucy, a young, American journalist seeking the truth about the sudden disappearance of her college boyfriend, moves to Okinawa, she gets more than she bargained for. Amidst large protests held over a lurid rape case involving an American military man and a young Japanese girl, everything Lucy thought she knew about herself, her past, and the world is upended. A veil is lifted and through the eyes of the Japanese, she sees her own foreignness. She becomes the gaijin, unwanted and alien, a stranger even to herself. Against a backdrop of tea ceremonies, lotus blossoms, haikus, and the gritty reality of the difficult history of American and Japanese relationships, Sarah Sleeper weaves her deftly told story of a young woman’s memorable journey toward a greater understanding of the truths that inhabit our complex world. Written with a journalist’s eye for detail and a commitment to the truth, Gaijin is an expansive, meaningful debut. -- Karen Osborn, author most recently of the novel The Music Book

Sodom & Gomorrah on a Saturday Night

Christa Miller

$21.99 $19.79

The Magpie's Return

Curtis Smith

$21.99 $19.79

"The Magpie's Return is one of the most original novels I've read in a long while. Curtis Smith's prose is kinetic and supple, and I found the narrative gripping from the outset. This is very much a book for these times, by a writer of considerable gifts. I urgently recommend it."—Steve Yarbrough, author of The Unmade World "Curtis Smith is that rare writer who can tell a harrowing tale while honoring a love stronger than hurt. The Magpie's Return is a wild ride, a cry from the heart, and a remarkable achievement." -- Charles Holdefer, acclaimed author and Pushcart Prize winner.

Turing's Graveyard

Terence Hawkins

$21.99 $19.79

"These thirteen powerful, well-crafted stories by Hawkins (American Neolithic, 2019) have been aptly compared to The Twilight Zone: they offer a similar sense of dread and moral disquiet. These are tales of how things go wrong. Though it is marketed as a speculative fiction title, fewer than half are explicitly sf. . . . In the end, though, genre is irrelevant. Hawkins tells tales that fascinate him, and they provide a beautiful reading experience." -- Booklist "Turing's Graveyard is a collection of provocative and mesmerizing short stories that force the reader to confront the nature of life and death, intimacy and indifference and even the boundaries of reality itself. Hawkins writes with a passionate indifference about his characters and their experiences that perfectly encapsulates the isolation and disconnectedness of modern life. Brilliant." - Tonya Hurley New York Times and international bestselling author. "Extraordinary stories that will make readers laugh, shiver, or perhaps both." -- STARRED Kirkus Review.

The Faith Machine

Tone Milazzo

$21.99 $19.79

"Terrific new thriller by my friend Ton Milazzo. This one's a whole lot of dangerous fun." -- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestselling Author. "A captivating adventure jammed with characters who, though troubled, try to do the right thing." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS “Faith Machine is a fast-paced exhilarating ride of a lifetime. It’s ESPecially unique in its genre blending, unique and diverse characters, and fascinating storyline. Simply wonderful.” -- Janina Scarlet, PhD, Founder of Superhero Therapy

The Newly Tattooed's Guide to Aftercare

Aliza Dube

$21.99 $19.79

"An unapologetic and engaging tale of a young woman self-combusting into adulthood." -- Kirkus Reviews "At times dark and profane, at times lyrical and tender, Aliza Dube's heartbreaking memoir, THE NEWLY TATTOOED'S GUIDE TO AFTERCARE traces a tangled path through the female body -- its potential and its pain. Dube explores love and sex with a voice that's fresh, frank, and raucous, and ultimately arrives at the kind of redemption that is only given to the fallen. You should read this book" -- Jeffrey Thomson -- author and poet "'The Newly Tattooed's Guide' is a sort of handbook for the lost, an anthem for the unapologetic, and is a tourniquet for even the most painful of pasts.Among the poignant details of a life spent running from a sordid adolescence of religious beliefs conditioned by family, the struggle with intimacy, contemporary relationships and sexuality, and the same ghosts that strangely become fragments of a home, is this: an honest and frank reflection of the inevitable turmoil that emerges when a woman reclaims her autonomy.This story turns a young woman's contemporary "love story" on its head and makes it yearn for better language. Every sentence is a hard-hammered nail, every word a menacing truth. Dube writes with a careful humor and striking humility that draws from the past and sinks, hauntingly, into fresh skin." -- Olivia Cyr, Author

Tough Love at Mystic Bay

Elizabeth Sowden

$19.99 $18.39

"A shocking tale of surviving abuse and living with its consequences." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

The Recon Trilogy + 1

Benjamin B. White

$24.99 $22.49

"Benjamin White's Recon Trilogy +1 is a gut-dark and grinning fantasia of battle trauma, unpredictable and vigorously headlong. How vast the war within and innumerable the dead . . . and how noble White's mission of rescue." --Donald Morrill, author of Beaut and Awaiting Your Impossibilities

Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 3 Book 2

Lisa Diane Kastner and Rasmenia Massoud

$24.99 $22.49

Running Wild Novella Anthology, Volume 3 Book 1

Christa M. Miller and Talia Tucker

$22.99 $20.69


Amelia Kibbie

$19.99 $18.39

"A rousing story of love and sacrifice." -- Kirkus Reviews

Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Volume 3

Andrew Adams

$19.99 $18.39

Christine, Released

Ea Burke

$15.99 $14.71

"A deftly written" ... "tale of a troubled teen’s incarceration." -- Kirkus Reviews. “Ea Burke knows how to write. He’s created an entertaining, gritty, emotionally immersive story that grabs the reader from the first page and doesn’t relinquish its grip until the last paragraph. This is a novel that gives us new insights into corners of our own society that we may not know as well as Burke clearly does; allowing ourselves to be swept up in it we increase our awareness of the world and ourselves in revelatory ways.” -- Tim Weed, author

Open My Eyes

T. E. Hahn

$19.98 $18.38

"An engrossing, hallucinatory relationship story." -- STARRED Kirkus Review "T.E. Hahn's remarkable debut novel is one of those rare books that will attract both YA and adult readers. The main character, Eddie, is traumatized by the tragic death of his father, his mother’s obsessive and inappropriate love, his need for prescription drugs, and a quirky romantic relationship which he hopes will make his life whole again. The novel’s dark atmospheric effects, staccato but often poetic prose, and challenging narrative devices clearly mark this ambitious book as one of emotional and psychological heft. Eddie’s story reflects our own PTSD age." -- Michael C. White, author of Soul Catcher and Resting Places "Moving between hypnotic episodes of unreality and riveting scenes of stark daily life, this is a gripping and remarkable story, both gritty and graceful." —Eugenia Kim, author of The Kinship of Secrets"A fragmented young man reflects on family, loss, and first love in the evocative debut Open My Eyes. "Hahn delivers Eddie’s story with sharp wit and incisive humor, as well as incredible heart and emotional richness. His writing is sparse and lyrical, emphasizing the importance of every word, and his ability to paint vivid, disquieting images will leave the reader with much to reflect on long after the final page. Eddie’s journey is one well worth coming along for." -- Stephanie Harper

The Resistors

Dwight L. Wilson

$19.98 $18.38

"Wilson’s (The Kidnapped, 2018, etc.) new volume of historical fiction weaves together 24 short stories to create a remarkable, multihued portrait of America." "Memorable characters and unique historical details illuminate slavery’s complex legacy." -- Kirkus Reviews Once again, Dwight Wilson has written stirring stories that teach us essential history about our country and about ourselves — all while we are looking the other way, captivated by his tales and characters from our shared past. -- From Laura Danforth, Head of School, The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, NY “The Resistors” is a reminder that time does not separate us from our ancestors, but instead connects us — their errors, their sorrows, and their redemptive acts of courage. Telling stories of people who lived, breathed, and suffered long ago, Dwight Wilson brings them to life in his readers’ hearts — and somehow in the process we comfort their spirits and they comfort ours. -- Paula B. Chu, Ph.D. “To call our ancestors forth to witness is a noble pursuit. Through characters, real and imagined, Wilson gives us the wisdom of ancestry and the gift of story. It is our stories that carry us through the danger water and heal our broken places. This human rights parable is a sweeping trek through the American historical landscape that brings us to back to center.” -- Carla R. Young, Director of Community & Multicultural Programs, Cranbrook Schools

Mickey: The Giveaway Boy

Robert Shafer

$19.99 $18.39

By the age of 25, Mickey's mother had born five sons. By the age of 30, she'd gotten rid of them all. For nine-year-old Mickey, the early fifties were not the Ozzie and Harriet fantasy of love and security. Instead, they were years of abandonment, unimaginable cruelty, and virtual slavery.

Dark Corners

Lisa Diane Kastner and Reuben Tihi Hayslett

$6.99 $6.43

Best of 2019 -- Kirkus Reviews

Frontal Matter: Glue Gone Wild

Suzanne Samples

$19.99 $18.39

Best of 2019 -- Kirkus Reviews

Build Your Music Career from Scratch

Andrae Alexander

$19.99 $18.39

Running Wild Novella Anthology Volume 2: Part 2

John Taylor and Jason Zeitler

$24.99 $22.49

Running Wild Novellas Anthology Volume 2: Part 1

Christa Miller and Ben White

$22.99 $20.69

Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Volume 2

Tori Eldridge and Cindy Cavett

$10.99 $10.11

The Kidnapped: Collection of Stories

Dwight Wilson

$9.99 $9.19

Running Wild Novella Anthology

Christa Miller and Miranda Manzano

$19.99 $18.39

Running Wild Anthology of Stories: Volume 1

Elaine Crauder and Luanne Smith

$14.99 $13.79

Jersey Diner: Say You're Only For Me

Lisa Diane Kastner

$12.99 $11.95