By The Best of Shakespeare from Shakesheares, Inc.

Original Practices

Shakespeare's Theatre

Peter Thomson


Shakespeare's Stagecraft

J. L. Styan


The Quest for Shakespeare's Globe

John Orrell


Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan

Tiffany Stern


Shakespeare in Parts

Tiffany Stern and Simon Palfrey


Staging in Shakespeare's Theatres

Mariko Ichikawa and Andrew Gurr


The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642

Andrew Gurr


The Shakespearean Stage Space

Mariko Ichikawa


Lighting the Shakespearean Stage, 1567 - 1642

Robert B. Graves and R. B. Graves


The Living Monument: Shakespeare and the Theatre of His Time

M. C. Bradbrook and Bradbrook M. C.


Elizabethan Stage Conditions: A Study of Their Place in the...

M. C. Bradbrook and M. Bradbrook


Shakespearean Verse Speaking

Abigail Rokison