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Networking Operatic Italy

Francesca Vella


The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan; The 14 Gilbert...

William Schwenk Gilbert and Arthur Su


Understanding the Women of Mozart's Operas

Kristi Brown-Montesano


Forests, Flowers, and Fairytales: The Operas and Ballets of...

Stephen J. Trygar and Jonathan T. Mesich


Verdi in Victorian London

Massimo Zicari


Rackham's Color Illustrations for Wagner's Ring

Arthur Rackham


Bel Canto in Theory and Practice

Karin Wettig


Theology of Wagner's Ring Cycle I

Richard H. Bell


Theology of Wagner's Ring Cycle II

Richard H. Bell


Revival: Life of Richard Wagner Vol. II (1902): Opera and Drama

W. M. Ashton Ellis and C. F. Glasenapp's


The Operas of Giacomo Meyerbeer

Robert Ignatius Letellier