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By Karuna Books and Human Development Books

By Karuna Books and Human Development Books

Prayer Evolving: Five Personal Explorations Into the Future of Prayer

Dennis Rivers and Vicky Brago-Mitchell


From the author, Dennis Rivers: In this book I look at the process of prayer with new eyes, and report on my experiments over a lifetime of reaching out, reaching in, and opening up, toward the Divine Presence that calls each of us to a deeper love, a deeper life, and a deeper creativity. Throughout the book, I feature the extraordinary fractal paintings of Vicky Brago-Mitchell to express both growth and development, on one hand, and also how in nature and the spiritual life, the smaller can express the greater, the particle can express the universe.

The Insanity of Normality: Toward Understanding Human Destructiveness

Arno Gruen


In The Insanity of Normality, the psychoanalyst Arno Gruen challenges the assumption, made popular by Freud in the twentieth century, that humans are born with an innate tendency to destruction and violence. Gruen argues instead that at the root of evil lies self-hatred, a rage originating in a self-betrayal that begins in childhood, when autonomy is surrendered in exchange for the "love" of those who wield power over us. To share in that subjugating power, we create a false self, a pleasing-to-others image of ourselves that springs from powerful and deep-seated hopes of being loved and fears of being injured and humiliated.