Oberlin and Northern Ohio Interests

By MindFair Books

By MindFair Books

Oberlin and Northern Ohio Interests

The Town That Started the Civil War

Nat Brandt


The Edge of Malice: The Marie Grossman Story

David P. Miraldi



John A Vanek



John Vanek



John A Vanek


Rust: A Memoir of Steel and Grit

Eliese Colette Goldbach


Oberlin History: Essays and Impressions

Geoffrey Blodgett


On the Shores of Welcome Home

Bruce Weigl


From Captain Penny to Superhost: Tales from the Golden Age of...

Janice Olszewski and Mike Olszewski


Elusive Utopia: The Struggle for Racial Equality in Oberlin,...

Gary Kornblith and Carol Lasser


Power from on High: What It Is and How to Obtain It

Charles Grandison Finney


Lorain County Metro Parks:: The First 50 Years

Gary S. Gerrone


Elyria in Vintage Postcards

Benjamin J Mancine and Anne Fischer Mancine


Haunted Lorain County

Eric Defibaugh


Hidden History of Lorain County

Kelly Boyer Sagert



Ann Basilone-Jones and Ashley Moran