By The Bookstore at the End of the World

Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left

Ben Burgis

$16.95 $15.59

The far-right has taken the rhetorical initiative, online and off. Denunciations are insufficient; we are in a debate, even if the topics of racism, sexism, and oppression should be beyond debate. Arm yourself with ideas and take on everyone from your cranky uncle to a YouTube "philosopher" with this handbook to logical fallacies and argumentation.

Cakes and Ale

W. Somerset Maugham


A satire of literary society that is both vicious and delightful, an examination of the changing sexual mores of the twentieth century, and an elegiac look at what happens when the party is finally over and life must go on. Maugham supposedly called himself the best of the second-rate writers, but Cakes and Ale is first rate.

Automatic Eve

Rokuro Inui

$16.99 $15.63

A Japanese "clockpunk" novel in stories, with each vignette turning against the others like perfectly set gears. In an alternative Edo Period where exquisitely detailed automata can be made of everything from crickets to grown women, every segment of society—from sweaty sumo stables to the apartments of the empress—is open to intrigue, conflict, and change. And then the hour (and the page) turns, and everything changes.

So Real It Hurts

Lydia Lunch


Lydia Lunch has done everything, met everyone, and knows everything there is to know about transgressive culture—making her the best possible compiler of a handbook to the music and literary fringe. This is an ever-intriguing mix of essays, interviews, and commentaries that will send you scuttling back to the bookstore and the music shop again and again to experience the underground of the twentieth century.

Creatures of Charm and Hunger, 3

Molly Tanzer

$16.99 $15.63

A coming-of-age story, a historical about the waning days of the Second World War, an occult fantasy—this is a true hexeroman, a witch's novel. The world isn't what you think it is, and the right way to live isn't what you imagine it to be. that the book is shot through with pulpy fun and Nazi-smashing is just the icing on the devil's food cake.

Lost for Words

Edward St Aubyn


Man, Edward St. Aubyn hates all the books you like! Well, who can blame him? He's the best writer, and can switch from thriller to existential angst to comedy of manner with ease, mocking the forms while displaying his virtuosity with them. Also, if you've ever taken literary awards seriously, this book'll cure you.

Untamed Shore

$25.99 $23.91

Readers often confuse the noir and the hard-boiled. This is true noir: a languid slow burn, a protagonist with almost no agency, temptations all around, a corpse that doesn't even show up till page 100, and almost no way out. All dark and no light, but giddy in the way that only truly transgressive noir can be.

Negrophobia: An Urban Parable

Darius James


They don't write books like this anymore. Or, for that matter, when it was written. A nearly impossible to summarize avant-garde novel in screenplay form, it is graphic in every sense of the word, from gross to reminsicent-of-a-cartoon, hysterical in every sense of the word, and absolutely unique. Whatever you're thinking, that's not it.