New Children's Books for April

By Mrs. Eileen

By Mrs. Eileen

New Children's Books for April

The Boreal Forest: A Year in the World's Largest Land Biome

L. E. Carmichael and Josée Bisaillon


Going Up!

Sherry J. Lee and Charlene Chua


A Little Called Pauline

Gertrude Stein and Bianca Stone


The Wolf of Cape Fen

Juliana Brandt


Rabbit & Bear: Attack of the Snack, Volume 3

Julian Gough and Jim Field


Little Cheetah's Shadow

Marianne Dubuc


Lali's Feather

Farhana Zia and Stephanie Fizer Coleman


Bo the Brave

Bethan Woollvin


Rock Mammoth

Eveline Payette and Guillaume Perreault


Baloney and Friends

Greg Pizzoli


The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter

Aaron Reynolds


A Song Only I Can Hear

Barry Jonsberg


Freda and the Blue Beetle

Sophie Gilmore