By The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)

The National Translation Award (NTA) is awarded annually in poetry and in prose to literary translators who have made an outstanding contribution to literature in English by masterfully recreating the artistic force of a book of consummate quality. Established in 1998, the NTA is the only prize for a work of literary translation into English to include an evaluation of the source language text. 2015 was the first year in which the NTA was awarded separately in poetry and prose.

Pan Tadeusz: The Last Foray in Lithuania

Adam Mickiewicz

$18.00 $16.56

2019 NTA in Poetry

What's Left of the Night

Ersi Sotiropoulos

$16.95 $15.59

2019 NTA in Prose

Third-Millennium Heart

Ursula Andkjaer Olsen


2018 NTA in Poetry


Mathias Énard

$18.95 $17.43

2018 NTA in Prose


Galo Ghigliotto


2017 NTA in Poetry


Antonio Di Benedetto

$15.95 $14.67

2017 NTA in Prose

Rilke Shake

Angélica Freitas

$16.00 $14.72

2016 NTA in Poetry

Tristano Dies: A Life

Antonio Tabucchi


2016 NTA in Prose

New Waw, Saharan Oasis

Ibrahim Al-Koni


2015 NTA in Prose

Alexander Vvedensky: An Invitation for Me to Think

Alexander Vvedensky


2014 NTA

The Hunger Angel

Herta Müller

$18.00 $16.56

2013 NTA

In the Presence of Absence

Mahmoud Darwish

$16.00 $14.72

2012 NTA

All This Belongs to Me

Petra Hulova


2010 NTA

The Theatre of Illusion

Richard Wilbur


2008 NTA

Friedrich Durrenmatt: Selected Writings, Volume I, Plays

Friedrich Dürrenmatt


2007 NTA

The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius



2005 NTA

The Garden of the Departed Cats

Bilge Karasu


2004 NTA

Notes of a Desolate Man (Revised)

T'Ien-Wen Chu

$25.95 $23.36

2000 NTA