My Published Books

By Pernille Ripp

By Pernille Ripp

Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration: Create Globally Literate K-12 Classrooms with This Solutions Series Book

Pernille Ripp


Wondering how to infuse more global collaboration into your teaching - this small book has many mighty ideas.

Passionate Learners: How to Engage and Empower Your Students

Pernille Ripp


The book that started it all; how do we help students re-connect with what we are doing? Ideas to revamp your entire teaching and learning journey can be found here

Passionate Readers: The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child

Pernille Ripp


Every single idea I had up until that point for reconnecting kids with reading especially within the 45 minute ELA block can be found here.

Empowered Schools, Empowered Students: Creating Connected and Invested Learners

Pernille S Ripp


How do we redistribute power throughout our district - half of this book is meant for administrators, the other half for teachers.