By Sally Thomas

Motherland: Poems

Sally Thomas

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Richeldis of Walsingham

Sally Thomas


Richeldis of Walsingham by Sally Thomas is a collection which pays homage to the Middle Ages pilgrimage site called "England's Nazareth" which was destroyed in 1538: "A lost doorway holds a slanted shadow / That looks on a demolished island, fallow / Still in a rare whitewash of moonlight. / Could it live there, with no sun to cast it?" Astonishing language echoes all through this insightful collection. ~ Leah Maines, author of Beyond the River


Sally Thomas

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In her most recent collection of poems, Motherland, Sally Thomas gives us a world we live in but, alas, too often don't seem to see. So much is lost, these poems tell us, even as they manage to reinstate and re-imagine these losses for us. All poetry is elegiac, even as it can, in the hands of a serious poet, celebrate the very world which for all of us keeps slipping away in the great wheel of time. Then too there is her mastery of poetic form--among these the sonnet, the villanelle, the couplet, and her unparalleled command of rhyme and slant rhyme. What a delight to discover a poet who has found a way to allow the sacred and the sacramental inform her poems in a surprising range of contemporary idioms. --Paul Mariani, author of Epitaphs for the Journey

The Slumbering Host

James Matthew Wilson


"The Slumbering Host remembers for us--the poems remember "what perhaps we wish the past had been," summoning voices not often heard, resonances from Ovid, Yeats, and Donne. The poets remember the tastes and sounds and colors of words, and most of all, their meanings. Unlike the obscurest rants of current headlines and rattling licentious verse of many contemporary writers, these poems and their poets do "not hasten words" but slowly beckon them to come and speak. In their poems, these words are defamiliarized and rekindled with fire. We can read these poems and know what the words mean. The poems ensembled in this collection call for us to listen to what we thought we knew and perhaps forgot, that truth is true and beauty is beautiful and goodness can be made once more." --Jessica Hooten Wilson