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By Nancy Raines Day

By Nancy Raines Day

Pirate Jack Gets Dressed

Nancy Raines Day and Allison Black

$17.99 $16.55

Ahoy, matey! Join jaunty Pirate Jack as he dons his pirate gear color by color in this bright, bold, and laugh-out-loud read-aloud.

Baby's Firsts

Nancy Raines Day and Michael Emberley

$14.99 $13.79

Endearing rhyming text celebrates babies' milestone on the way to their first birthday. Perfect baby gift!

What in the World?: Numbers in Nature

Nancy Raines Day and Kurt Cyrus


Discover sets in nature--from birds' wings in twos to octopus limbs in eights-- in this beautiful, tender counting book.

On a Windy Night

Nancy Raines Day and George Bates


After trick-or-treating, a boy on his way home hears a voice: โ€œCracklety-clack, bones in a sack. They could be yoursโ€”if you look back.โ€

Piecing Earth and Sky Together: A Creation Story from the Mien Tribe of Laos

Nancy Raines Day and Genna Panzarella


In this luminous creation myth from Laos, a brother and sister learn to cooperate to embroider the world together.